Remix: Two Ways To Wear a Tweed Waistcoat

I've been looking for a fitted tweed waistcoat (vest) for ages now without much luck. Every Pin and Google search seemed to lead to a dead-end. I had a very specific style in mind and couldn't seem to find it anywhere. Of course, one brief mention to Thomas and he somehow hunted down the perfect waistcoat and his mother tailored it to fit me better! I would have thought that I, the fashion blogger and frequent online shopper, would have been the master at hunting down the elusive tweed waistcoat, but instead I was outwitted by a dark horse. But since this time the spoils did not go to the victor, I don't really mind admitting defeat. I already had loads of ideas in my head for how I'd style it, so a little remix was in order. Initially I thought I'd wear it loads with blouses and skirts (aka my typical style), but after having it for a couple of weeks I think I actually get more wear of it with jeans. It just adds so much more personality to a jeans ensemble and makes me feel a bit like Tomb Raider...

Shein coat, Miss Patina blouse, tweed vest (gift), Miss Patina skirt, old oxfords (similar), vintage purse

beret, Anthropolgie blouse, tweed waistcoat (gift), ASOS jeans, old boots (similar), vintage purse



  1. You work the waistcoat so well! Definitely inspired me to give that a go too.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love the second outfit! The blouse is super cute!

  3. This is so cute, I love your tweed vest

  4. Both outfits are good but no doubt last one is awesome:)

  5. I love the skirt and blouse in the first outfit, and the vest itself, but I definitely agree that it really shines with a jeans outfit. I've been wanting one lately too and now I'm like, hm, maybe move that up the list. Also I am delighted to report that I haven't worn pants in almost a week, just skirts, in keeping with my own fashion resolutions. :)

  6. Absolutely beautiful! I too especially love it with jeans! I also quite adore your blouse!

  7. Of course I was so delighted to see you post another outfit with jeans! Haha mostly because it is so fun to see how you style them, but also because of the ridiculous comment left by "a man who reads your blog!" Wow, could he not be more wrong!!! You look just as amazing in jeans as a you do in a fancy dress :).

    1. Aw thanks! Honestly, one of my first thoughts after reading that comment was "well I just want to wear loads of jeans on the blog now just to be annoying." haha :p


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