Outfit: Classic Camel Coat

Sometimes I think, "it'd be so nice to have classic, timeless style--a mix of neutrals and pieces that will always look good." But then I also think it's a good idea to carry a giant croissant as a purse. So yeah, that timeless thing might still be a few years off. It's just fun to add some whimsy to your wardrobe. And with Valentine's Day around the corner why not express your undying love for delicious bread? In all honesty, I broke two basic brown purses that I used on heavy rotation recently and when replacing them thought this croissant bag could be a good "neutral." Once you ignore the fact it's a giant piece of bread, it actually works with most outfits.

Kozminka kiss earrings (perfect for Valentine's Day!)

Last night as we were driving towards town, we came across a herd of cattle in the road. We occasionally stumble across some sheep in the road or a lone cow, which Thomas often nobly chasing into the nearest field while I sit in the car and watch, but I've never seen a whole herd of cattle in the middle of the road at night. It was pretty dangerous because you couldn't see the cows in the dark and people drive quite fast on that road, but we blocked one side of the road with our car and a lorry (truck) blocked them on the other until the farmer showed up on a quad to chase them back home. We even got out of the car at once point to stand on either side of the car to keep the cattle from turning back. We came across them so suddenly and Thomas, the farmer's son, snapped into action so quickly I didn't even think to shoot a video on my phone until after. But if you've ever wondered what it's like to live somewhere rural, I think heading to town and getting waylaid by cows pretty much sums it up...


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