A Time To Bloom

When I meet or interact with new people they often ask, "so what city do you live in?" When I know they're trying to place me geographically I tell them what cities are nearby, by explain that I live in a little village. It's funny how default living in a city has become that to live somewhere more rural is almost seen as a foreign concept. I don't "go" somewhere to take pictures for the blog or find quiet bits of nature; I'm already there and most pictures are snapped a short walk from my home. I really like the quiet village life. We go to town hall meetings and get to know our neighbors. We can walk from our house to a beautiful park where each subtle change in season is visibly marked. There are hundreds more tractors than taxis that routinely drive past my front door and I'm ok with that. This year I've been thinking I accidentally fell into the slow life movement unintentionally. Sure some things in my life definitely still move quickly and I need to work on my addiction to both fast food and fast fashion, but on a day-to-day basis I want to enjoy things as they are in the moment. To be present in the moment and chase more quality time rather than more belongings or distractions. To appreciate the tree that blooms this week, but will already start to fade by the next...


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