Yellow Gingham

I might run a fashion blog and be rather familiar with regular picture-taking, but I still find myself quite intimidated by the odd garment or two. You see, I'm quite the opposite of everything I picture a model to be and at 5'1" I think many styles are beyond my scope. Some of those dramatic bell sleeves that are popular right now? I think they dwarf my frame. Ditto on so-called mom jeans or really most of the recent denim trends--although I did give Thomas laugh when I tried on a regrettable pair of "girlfriend fit" Levis. So when this dress arrived in the mail with tier upon tier of bright yellow gingham ruffles I wasn't sure I was ever going to wear it out of the house! In some ways it's a combination of a lot of things I can't get enough of--yellow! gingham! romantic ruffles! But maybe too much of a good thing, like trying to eat three desserts at once. But I persevered to at least give it a solid go. Nothing like some can-do spirit in the wardrobe department. I cinched on my thickest belt, threw on my beaten-up flats and headed out into the sunshine. As I was setting up my tripod to snap these pictures the loveliest older lady walked by and complimented me on my outfit. She said I looked so lovely someone, "should be taking pictures of you!" I didn't tell her I was about to take pictures of myself, since that's a bit difficult to explain to the non-blog indoctrinated, but it was just the compliment I needed to slip into my faux-modeling mindset and start snapping away. I think I will be wearing this dress out of the house again...


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