Aging With Elegance

I'm approaching a couple of anniversaries; one being my ten year anniversary of blogging. Yes, this humble blog before you was started as an even more humble-bumble blog back in 2007. So, I've officially been blogging for nearly a decade. I started blogging as a college student, aged 20, and now I'm still blogging away at 30. While I'm still trying to think of some way to celebrate this milestone (IG story live for the first time???), it also has put me in the mind of a series I'd like to work on--one about aging with elegance. You see, while I did not grow up online, my blog has always been a place of learning and growth for me. I figured out my personal style through those daily outfit snaps, capturing style hits and misses (some I'd rather forget). I experimented with and learned so much about photography, from awkward dorm-room snaps imitating various artists I admired, to searching out vintage photographers to study to actually learning so much about how to use a camera well and adjust settings to get the best picture no matter the conditions. It wasn't necessarily me growing up, but it has been me figuring things out as best I could. Now I no longer get to call myself a young adult and while I've lived independently on my own, pay my own bills, moved across the ocean, and crossed various check points off the list of being a grown-up sometimes I still feel like 30 going on 13. That's sort of what I'd like to explore and maybe document, the process of learning how to age with grace and elegance. I don't like the term "adulting" because I feel like it means achieving the bare minimum of being an adult and that's not really my goal. And this isn't about trying out tips for the perfect tablescape for your weekend brunch that you organized for half a dozen of your nearest and dearest. I cooked my first full Thanksgiving dinner with turkey by myself last year and that was a milestone even though we had to borrow a table and chairs and dishes to fit everyone we invited into our tiny house! While we put some ivy and candles on the table between the dishes, it wasn't a scene worthy of Kinfolk! But that's sort of the point--we all start somewhere and we all have these goals or ideas of what elegant aging looks to us. So my idea is somewhere between doing the minimum and being Pinterest perfect (at least yet!). It's finding healthy recipes for people who hate salads (me), and developing a healthy exercise routine for people who are intimidated by the gym (also me), it's finally getting a proper bra fitting because you're an adult for goodness sake...For me it's about finding balance and continuing to work towards the person I want to be; well-rounded and perhaps a little bit elegant.



  1. Ten years of blogging - wow, that's amazing! I agree that blogs can be great places of growth - you really do learn more about yourself when you write!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love this post. Congratulations Rebecca on 10 years of blogging!

  3. What an interesting take on growing older :) Happy ten year anniversary to your blog!

  4. Happy 10 year anniversary!
    I just realised that I've been reading your blog for more than half of that time :)

  5. Congrats on 10 years of blogging! That is an amazing accomplishment!

  6. Blogging for 10 years? WOW! That's amazing! Congratulations! Love your dedication and commitment for it!


  7. Congrats on your blogging anniversary! <3

  8. 10 years blogging you should be proud!

    I loved reading the post x

  9. Congrats on the big anniversary and on entering your thirties!
    I turned 30 this past year after looking forward to it for decades and I have to say that while Past Me doesn't usually get things right, she did with this--I love aging into my personality. I'm so excited about your prospective blog project on aging with elegance and look forward to continuing to cheer you on from the sidelines.

  10. I often feel like 30 going on 13 too (or maybe going on 18? 13 was rough for me haha) and that's a good thing. But I also completely relate to that transition to a slightly more sophisticated version of ourselves. I think perhaps life will be just that for me just a continuous transition. It has this far. Growning in the moments.

    Im excited to see what's next for you and the blog! Congrats.

    1. Actually yes you are so right, 13 was not fun! lol And thank you! :)

  11. Wooow, a decade of blogging! That's a long time. I admire that you've stuck with it for this long. Congratulations! :) (Beautiful outfit too, by the way.)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  12. I've been reading your blog for nearly ten years, and although I'm more than ten years older than you, I can say I have learned quite a bit from you, being so different as we are, and yet finding certain things so similar in our ways of being. I used to read loads of blogs, and dropped most of them, yours has stayed around because frankly, it's always interesting and it's always honest and genuine and well, you're adorable as a person, at least it's what comes through from your blogging, but also cultured and clever and you're your own person, know what I mean? It will be interesting seeing you grow and age elegantly - I haven't, now on my way to mid forties I seem to have reverted back to my twenty year old Black Metal goth self...

  13. Hi Rebecca, I've been following your lovely blog also for almost its whole time and am still reading on. Although I am a few years older I can totally relate to what you are feeling - the big 4 is approaching in 2 years and even though turning 30 has been just a great reason to have a party for me, I now face this inner feeling that I should finally grow up, but don't feel like it... Perhaps I'm a little late ;o) as I also started discovering my style 10 years ago, back when I found your blog.
    Congratulations on 10 years of inspirational blogging and I'm exited to read on what's next!

  14. You know, I do believe that you are ageing with elegance. I've followed you since perhaps the beginning of my blogging days (which was 2012), so I've known you online for around half of your time on this blog. But I've seen you grow in such a graceful way. I remember when you used to dress in preppy-ish clothes, refusing to look "saccharine," as you said, and looking more tomboy than girly—your pixie cut enhanced that impression too. Slowly, you start to wear more jewelry and don brighter-coloured clothing, with more dainty details and elegant elements.

    Sometimes I do wish to see you wear what you used to wear—they resonate so well with me. But we all change and your style—especially when you're a fashion influencer—just can't stay the same. Of course, there are aspects of you that we don't see online—like the Thanksgiving Turkey thing, that's awesome!—and for all we know you keep on evolving as a human being, as a woman. But I believe, if you are doing so, you will do it with amazing grace.

    Alive as Always

  15. Happy blog anniversary my lovely! Your blog is always so inspiring, YOU are inspiring and I couldn't agree more with everything you're saying. The only thing is - I'm blogging away at 46 and you know what? It's what I always wanted and since I'm a late bloomer that's totally fine. Love, Kirsten xx

  16. This post is striking to me, because I have been following your blog for about ten years! It was one of the first ones I followed back in college, back when style blogs were becoming more popular. I, too, am approaching 30 this year! It is fascinating to reflect back and see what a different person I was a decade ago. I've certainly figured out certain key things about myself, such as my core values, long term goals, parts of my aesthetic (though this part changes over time!). It's been fun to grow and change along with you.


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