Getting The Weather

When you get the weather Ireland can't be beat. There's the iconic rolling green hills bordered with stone walls and yellow gorse and the epic crumbling castles where you might get the gift of the gab or just trip running up the steps of an ancient tower. But in addition to that there are gorgeous beaches with tropical-looking waters and towering sea arches. There's woods that in the springtime are so flooded with wildflowers that you might just start to believe you stumbled into a fairyland...but you have to "get the weather" to truly enjoy some of these sights. Otherwise you're bundled and wet trying to spy the Giant's Causeway through a mix of mist and rain, trying not to let your spirits get damp with your flats. And getting the weather here is like chasing some elusive wood nymph down paths unknown, you're more likely to get lost with a twisted ankle than actually catch the darn thing. It rather makes me wish that you could fit the whole island into some giant greenhouse, like this one, where you can dry your toes and hems for a bit and wait for the storms to pass...


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