By The Seaside

There's no wardrobe quite as lovely as a summer holiday wardrobe. I mean, yes, I am a sucker for cozy knits (especially fairisle), ankle boots, and so on--but sweet little dresses perfect for maximizing appreciation of summer sunshine and heat, easy sandals and flats, giant sunglasses that swallow half of your face, and basket-style totes filled with guilty pleasure books, notepads, sunscreen, hats, and whatever else you imagine you might need at the beach--that is my ideal look! I had ordered this Shein classic striped number for my Greek travels but it didn't arrive in time and I was worried I wouldn't get a chance to wear it this year since Ireland's summers can be short and brisk. But we got lucky with some really lovely days while we were in Donegal (followed by some really not-lovely-days lol) and it was a perfect breezy piece for a day spent wandering around the quiet beach by our cottage. My father and Thomas even braved a dip in the sea (crazies), but the rest of us stayed on the dry sand, soaking up every bit of sunshine we could.


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