My Favorite Enamel Jewelry

I'm a creature of habit. It's somewhat laughable to call myself that given the fact that I've never lived anywhere for more than four years consecutively and have dyed my hair every color from pink to blue and chopped it from elbow length to a pixie, but really, aside from the few wild variations in my life (or perhaps because of them), I take a lot of comfort in the familiar. The same clothing silhouette, the same shoes again and again, the same grocery store back when I lived in Pennsylvania even after I moved house and could visit a closer one in half the time...It also means that when I find a shop or brand I like I develop quite the brand loyalty quite unintentionally. For jewelry most of the pieces I wear lately come from one or two shops; one of those is GoodAfterNine. I've been wearing GoodAfterNine's enamel pieces for donkeys (as people like to say over here). It started with a fox ring, that is still a favorite, and has grown into a personal passion and working relationship with the brand. I adore their animal rings with so much detail and light in the eyes they almost feel like a pet rather than a piece of jewelry, and the floral pieces are spring and summer favorites for me; it just feels right to have a lily wrapped around your finger when wandering through a lush garden. Today I'm wearing some pieces from the Bloom collection which features fresh floral bangles and necklaces in addition to their signature rings. I love that you can find almost everyone's favorite type of flower; from hydrangeas in three colors to delicate tulips and the anemones I'm wearing today. I wear their jewelry quite often on the blog, so if you ever see a little enamel animal or flower on me, you can guess it's from GoodAfterNine. And if you fancy getting yourself a piece, use my discount code "aclotheshorse" to get 15% off.
hat, Shein dress c/o (sold out, similar here & here), GoodAfterNine bloom jewelry c/o, old flats

hat, Shein dress c/o (sold out, similar here & here), GoodAfterNine Bloom jewelry c/o, old flats


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