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It's funny how the more time you spend in the digital world the more you value time offline and tangible objects. Now a perfect break would involve more time away from your computer and phone connecting to those around you. The best gifts tend to be things you can't find online. I'm quite addicted to the Internet, but it's good to have things offline as well. One of our post-vacation traditions is to take some of our favorite pictures and turn them into a photo-book. All of the photos I share online hang around, yes, but they're also fleeting as I constantly create and share new posts, outfits, capture different locations. Moments that might have been distinct once fade into the noise of new, latest, etc. So it's really nice to have a physical copy of some of your favorite pictures that doesn't go away, but sits within arms reach of you on a shelf inviting you to open it up and walk down memory lane.
This year's Greek holiday got turned into a lovely photo book through Blurb Book’s bookmaking platform; I was drawn to the small square format and their professionally designed photo templates made the process a breeze. In fact, I enjoyed the process so much I'm thinking of putting together another book and possibly selling copies of it. Once you make a book with Blurb you can self-publish it through their bookstore, Amazon, even Ingram or Apple iBooks; I found loads of inspiration in Blurb's community for future photo books. I'd love to do one with scenes around Ireland or even quirky collections (since we all know I love some themed clothes!). If I made a photo book to sell what sort of theme would you be interested in buying?

Mane Message headbandVanessa Mooney earringsShein dress, Maguba clogs, vintage purse

Mane Message headbandVanessa Mooney earringsShein dress, Maguba clogs, vintage purse

*This post was sponsored by Blurb Books, but all love of photo books and holiday snaps my own.*



  1. Loving how your hair color looks with this gorgeous floral top! You suit is so well!

    xx, mel

  2. Maybe one to capture the history and culture of Ireland, and one that is ocean themed and one that is botanical themed (there is a grove you take pictures in sometimes that is so pretty -I think birch trees?). Maybe in a few years, you could do one based on your travels or you could also do one with "Hidden Gems" since you seem to find neat tucked away places. Either way, I'm sure I would consider buying it. I've been following your blog for several years now.

    1. Oooh hidden gems would be lovely! I think the time thing is what always stops me from doing a good photo book to sell; I feel like it would be best if it is something done over time intentionally--like start photographing now, but have a whole year's worth of material before you finish.

  3. This such a great idea, I want to make a book!

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    It's a pretty Dress, you're wearing. I like it especially, because it doesn't draw undue attention to the tummy. You don't have one, but I do...:)!
    I find the idea of the photo book very good. I could imagine the following themes:
    - foxy collection
    - general photos of you, because I love your style
    - photos of you in Ireland (you make me want to visit Ireland)
    - accessories
    - ten outfit pieces and how to mix and match them in new ways
    - your hairstyles
    - early photos of you and your Outfits(I also love your early Outfits)

    I collect many, many of your outfit photos on one of my pinterest boards. I look through them from time to time to get inspiration for my own style. But compared to you, I always look rather boring :)!
    I also like to make photo books. One was a lookbook about one of my jewelry collections with my niece as a model, and another one is a portfolio of my work as jewelry designer. It's so satisfying to hold it in your hands!

    1. Love all of those ideas, thanks so much! I'm really flattered you enjoy my blog and your lookbook photo book sounds lovely!

  5. I've secretly been hoping for a photo book from you because I love your blog so much. You could start your own magazine and I'd buy a subscription.

  6. I love your castle pictures. They are my favorite posts! I think a book of either old castles or historic architecture (like your gatehouse) from out of the way places in Ireland would be really neat!

  7. I clicked on over from the Mane Message newsletter where you were featured, rocking that adorable headband! And I'm so glad I did!! I totally agree that the noise of the Interwebs makes you really appreciate unplugging :)


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