Bridges Over Lancaster County

I'm briefly back in Lancaster, Pennsylvania--the city I called home for a few years for one of my best friend's wedding. It's a too short trip to the States that I'm trying to pack much into; first and most importantly was this past weekend's wedding. It was a pretty spectacular event with flower crowns, a vintage car, perfect weather, and dancing under twinkle lights wrapped around towering evergreens. We were housemates along with two other girls in a beautiful old house and I remember our first days in our new home quite well. The awkwardness of getting to know each other and the lighthearted jokes about our shared spinsterhood. We were all single, some of us more optimistically so than others (I firmly believed I would never marry and end up a hermit in the woods with only a wolfhound for company), and now every single roommate from that house is married! It's wild how much changes in a few short years. Even in my short days of visiting here I've found the city much changed; an old walking bridge is gone, new buildings have popped up around the city and other ones seem unrecognizable with a fresh coat of paint. Still a few things remain unchanged--a beautiful covered bridge from the 1800s stands strong and timeless, and friendships that continue to span miles and milestones.


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