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aclotheshorse snow day vintage hudson bay coat
I had planned to some end-of-year roundups and highlights, but I caught the typical for me home-for-Christmas-head-cold! So I've spent more of my holiday resting up than originally intended, but since holidays are all about kicking back with family it's not so bad. I like taking things slower. Vintage shopping with my family, enjoying homemade meals, and sleeping in late. All staples of the holidays for me. I've been falling in love with vintage clothing all over again. How great is this vintage coat I found? I found a few great vintage coats last month that I'm pretty excited to wear. I'm a coats addict anyway and this winter has been so cold that coats are on my mind more than ever. A stylish coat and the rest of the outfit can be quite plain or sensible. We snapped these pictures quickly on one of the many snowy days we've experience while visiting family in the States. I would've liked to wear more stylish boots or a skirt maybe, but practicality won out since I didn't want to be slipping and falling on the icy sidewalks! So glad I packed these boots in my suitcase!   aclotheshorse snow day vintage hudson bay coataclotheshorse snow day vintage hudson bay coat
aclotheshorse snow day vintage hudson bay coat aclotheshorse snow day vintage hudson bay coat aclotheshorse snow day vintage hudson bay coat aclotheshorse snow day vintage hudson bay coat aclotheshorse snow day vintage hudson bay coat aclotheshorse snow day vintage hudson bay coat



  1. Your coat is gorgeous! I love the simple design, the colours are so nice! ❤️🍃

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Did you know that your coat has the official Pendleton colors for Glacier National Park? Each park has its own color scheme. Do a Google image search for "pendleton glacier park colors." Beautiful!

  3. Great photos in the snowy conditions.

    I love your colourful coat, hat and gloves and it is good to see you in jeans!

  4. That coat is gorgeous! And I think those boots were the perfect choice with this outfit and this weather. Practicality and comfort always win in my book. Happy New Year and I hope you get well soon!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  5. Your coat is too cute....but let's talk about the badger necklace...love it, want it...probably never find it lol but so glad you did and shared it with us all. The pictures look great; hope you enjoyed your time in the states minus the head cold.

    1. Hi Rhonda, the necklace is made by &Mary--they have a lot of lovely enamel animal pieces :) https://www.andmary.com/search?type=product&q=badger

  6. I love your gloves! Where did you get them?

  7. Your vintage coat is so cute, It looks like it is from HBC in Canada.

  8. Love the title! And the outfit is suburb as usual! I think your hair is the cutest length I've ever seen it! I also adore the necklace. I must go check out &Mary. :)
    ~ Megan Joy

  9. Lovely pictures! (:

  10. Hi Rebecca,

    I've been following your blog for a while since your early days of blogging as a law student to right now. I'm currently graduating from university with a degree that I don't quite want to cash in on. I'm debating working odd jobs instead, which I'm getting quite a bit of backlash for, from friends and family at the moment. It's just that the field I'm studying in has poor work-life balance, and I'm not sure I want money at the expense of life satisfaction. I'm hoping that hearing from you would help me clarify my decision.

    Do you have any advice for graduating students? How did you decide to make the jump from possibly being a lawyer to becoming a blogger?

    Confused Student

    1. Hi Confused,
      I would say, as cliche as it is that you need to "follow your joy." If you don't enjoy what you studied as a career path then I would avoid following it. I feel that what I have done is sort of just let my passions guide me and take me where I am; so when I was more passionate about freelancing/blogging than becoming a lawyer I went that way. Now I've had a new job opportunity that has arisen entirely b/c of my blog that I'm very excited about and even though it means a more traditional job role I'm planning on pursuing it. So, I would definitely say to go with what you love/are interested in more than what is standard.
      I will caution though, odd jobs or freelance work don't tend to have good work-life balance either. I actually think I would have spent the same amount of hours working as a lawyer as I do as a blogger and they're probably equally stressful in their own ways. Blogging is freelance work which means some months you're flush with work and cash and other months it's crickets. You have to budget for quiet months and learn to not panic when people aren't beating down your door to work with you. Freelancers also don't have the pleasure of clocking in and clocking out, they work around the clock (no matter what sort of freelance you do) and have to respond to client emails at any time. There's no job security and there's not much you can do if you work with a client and they decide to not pay you (it happens), vs traditional jobs have protection--you have a salary, you can't be fired without cause, if bad things happen in your job there's a method/system to dealing with that. I also have friends who loved what they studied but can't find jobs in their field and they do the "odd job" thing to cover their bills and their work-life balance isn't good at all. It's very hard to make ends meet working odd jobs, none of them tend to provide health care so they end up working around the clock at multiple jobs without benefits instead of set hours at one job with benefits--and they aren't choosing that path, this is a path they are going through necessity of having a degree, but bills and needing to keep a roof over their head.
      That said, I don't know if you live in a country that has free health benefits and what sort of odd jobs you mean to work. Even with the above I believe you should follow your heart. A crappy job with terrible hours that you enjoy is better than a stable job that you hate and sucks the joy out of you, in my opinion. I'm just worried as work-life balance is your goal that odd jobs won't actually provide that; instead perhaps a different career that sounds interesting to you might be the right path. However again, it's hard to say knowing so little of the situation, cost of living where you live, previous work experience for CVs, etc. But I do know people who have financial stability through other means (family, spouses, etc) who stepped away from real careers for more basic jobs (like working as a salesperson in a shop) and are very happy although to society's eyes it would look like a step-back from their executive positions. They're less stressed and live more simply than if they had a bigger income, but they found their priorities were other things and they had enough financial cushioning through one means or another to be able to do so.

  11. Hi Rebecca,

    I didn't realize that there are so many downsides on working freelance, or doing odd jobs. Sometimes, it's easy to fall for the glamour or veneer of freedom, when in reality, for everything in life you need to pay a price. Often times, the price isn't always visibly seen, so it's easy to forget. I guess the child, or the 'young and naiive' part of me is still struggling to come to terms with that.

    Keeping in mind that work-life balance may not be great on both ends of the spectrum, between the two, perhaps it is better or wiser to find a job worth paying the price, that is, it at least fulfills or satisfies me to some extent. I agree - "A crappy job with terrible hours that you enjoy is better than a stable job that you hate and sucks the joy out of you".

    Thank you for that well-thought out reply! It has helped me clarify my decision.

    A less confused Student


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