Movie Night

What do you think a blogger themed horror movie would look like? You spend hours perfecting the 'gram just as Instagram crashes and no one "likes" your picture??? For me I've had a few blogger-y horror movie moments--a few were genuinely scary, most were just annoying. There was the time I was taking pictures on my own in a secluded area and a car pulled up behind me and stayed there with their engine running and then when I got in my car and left because I was uncomfortable, the car followed me for several miles until I managed to get to a very populated area and I was too shaken to drive home for awhile in case they were still following me. Or the time I decided to take pictures in the woods and I nearly stumbled over a giant snake...or the time I took pictures in the woods and I got poison ivy all over my legs...the horrors of secluded settings would be a common theme in my stories! However the most horrifying blogger-related thing that has happened to me, was actually something I did to myself late last year. I accidentally deleted several months worth of photographs. I was supposed to be transferring the photographs from my computer to an external hard drive but for some mysterious reason I deleted them all instead. Permanently deleted--trust me, we spent weeks trying to find a way to bring them back! It was really upsetting at the time, all the beautiful shoots we had worked so hard on just completely gone, but I had managed to successfully block it from my mind when one of our favorite local cinemas emailed me asking for a few photographs to use in their brochures. Of course this story has a happy ending because while I couldn't give them the photographs we had taken in one of their screens last year, the Strand was kind enough to let us drop by the theatre again and take new photographs. We do love a good movie night so it was really fun to get dressed up and snap some pictures with a whole screen to ourselves. We love the classic look of the screens at the Strand Arts Centre; it's basically how you imagine a movie theater should look in your head and the whole building is an Art Deco dream dating back to the 1930s. It's the kind of cinema worth dressing up for.     theone newstrandcinema-17
*I love all the details around the theater from the carpet in the main lobby featuring past movie icons to the popcorn bags covered in the classics*newstrandcinema-10 newstrandcinema-11 strandcinema-28-side newstrandcinema-20 newstrandcinema-21 newstrandcinema-22 newstrandcinema-24



  1. I love these pictures! Just as much as the ones you took here last time! I will say though that last picture had me laughing pretty hard! Love the creativity!

  2. I really love the bold colours of these pictures. The last photo is gold! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. I can imagine your despair at having deleted all those photos!! My laptop died on me just recently and I lost a fair amount of images for my blog as well - beautiful complicated dishes I had cooked and styled and photographed to what was perfection in my eyes! But the worse thing that happened to me was when I, just like you, deleted my own work. It was a huge file of research on the Caribbean, on Voodoo, the plantation life, the slaves, their lives, New Orleans, Louisiana voodoo, you name it. Pages and pages of research with my own notes already in them, and I deleted the whole file. Along with hal a manuscript on the novel I was writing. I was trying to move them to an external disk, as well, LOL! I think I cried for hours, but my brain deleted my reaction and the panic I felt, even though it was fairly recently.

  4. Such a magical shoot!! You always leave me in awe of your ability to shoot such a diverse amount of locations, lighting conditions, etc and always manage to knock it out of the park <3 I can definitely relate to a bunch of your stories here, as well ;_; <3

  5. OH MY GOSH.... I'm so in love with this shoot! Your theater photo shoots are some of my favorite because I Feel like i'm back in an old movie:) Also, the creativity of these photos with the clones of you are so cool!

  6. I looove the pictures used for this post! So cute. I've had a few blogger horror moments too, from also deleting pictures to WordPress crashing and deleting a months worth of drafts.. argh!


  7. Your dress is so cute, I love the print

  8. Such a fun shoot! I love your dress! And that last photo is too cute.

    xx Chelsea

  9. I LOVE these photos! You're so creative and animated!

    Awe, I'm so sorry about your missing photos! That is SO frustrating.

  10. That is positively one of the scariest moments for a blogger/photographer, to realize that you've just deleted photos you can't ever get back! Nightmare!
    ~ Megan Joy


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