Summer Gingham

argory treewalk-31
This row of lime trees is only a short drive from our home and yet we always seem to only visit here in winter when the trees are at their weirdest. Just look at these pictures from February when we were trying to capture the snowdrops; the lumpy branches look so odd when they're bare! Go a few months later though and the lush spread of leaves hides all the strange shapes and this little aisle of green looks so lovely! It's fun visiting places in different seasons, it almost feels like going somewhere new. Everywhere feels newly made in Spring; refreshed by sunlight and green. This little path feels made for a breezy summer look--a floaty dress, simple sandals, and quirky necklace. GoodAfterNine (one of my favorite places to go for enamel jewelry) just released a Shaggy Squad collection of articulated bear necklaces. All the limbs and even the head on my wee koala are moveable; the red panda necklace even has a moveable tail! I love how much detail put into these necklaces--they're so special and sweet. I would like to make a stop-motion with it one of these days...  argory treewalk-7 argory treewalk-27-side
argory treewalk-30 argory treewalk-13 argory treewalk-8-side argory treewalk-28 argory treewalk-16 argory treewalk-20 argory treewalk-23-side argory treewalk-3
My gingham dress is a bit old so this style is sold out, but I rounded up my favorite gingham pieces of a similar style from Shein below. There's loads of gingham in the shop and even dresses with similar sleeves and tie-backs like this one. I'm quite addicted to gingham in the summertime and very tempted by some of the styles I link to (I think I need this yellow gingham dress!), but I also like re-wearing older pieces so I can't always link to the exact piece I'm wearing. P.S. My code "aclotheshorse13" is still good to get 13% off on your order at Shein.


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