Summer Scallops

For a fashion blogger I don't tend to talk about clothes all that much! I wear a lot of clothes, but I write more about locations and *feelings* and thoughts. Today however I feel I have to mention that the boater hat I'm wearing is available at Free People and sale for such a good price! I'm tempted to buy a second one although why I would need two of the exact same hats I have yet to figure out...instead I might go for this black boater also on sale. My scalloped dress is also available for a steal from Shein and if you use my code "clotheshorse13" you'll get an additional 13% off. Not available (at least the exact same pair) are these dreamy vintage dolphin earrings I'm wearing. I've really been starting to love statement earrings this summer and have been hunting down quirky styles, but this pair makes me feel so nostalgic. One of the first fashion magazines I read as a teenager was a summer issue and there was an article interviewing a girl on her style inspiration--she said she was inspired by her mother and loved wearing her mother's old accessories like silk scarves and a pair of gold dolphin hoop earrings. There wasn't a picture of the earrings in the article but the description had me hooked and I spent years trying to find a pair of dolphin hoop earrings to no avail. Eventually I gave up the hunt until I stumbled across these earrings and the article and those early years of discovering fashion came back to me. They're still not hoops, but they're vintage and gold and have dolphins and I don't think I could like them more. Finding them took me right back to those formative years when I just started reading fashion magazines and devoured everything I could get my hands on (my local library kept old issues of the magazines and I would spend hours perusing them). Back then I was just starting to figure out what styles I liked and didn't have much courage to wear them, but I guess a few things that inspired me in those years are still with me now. I don't read a lot of fashion magazines these days and my style feels a million miles away from where I began, but I still have a soft spot for vintage gold jewelry and nautical elements... blackscallop-21
boater hat, Shein dress, vintage earrings, GoodAfterNine panda necklace, old basket bag, sandals
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boater hat, Shein dress, vintage earrings, GoodAfterNine panda necklace, old basket bag, sandals


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