Downhill Beach

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The North Coast of Northern Ireland has a myriad of gorgeous beaches each with their own unique charm and I'm sharing another one to mark on your travel list if you're planning a visit to Northern Ireland. Our favorite beach is usually Whiterocks; bordered with white cliffs, caves, and sea arches, it's a stunning beach that's very quiet in the winter but becomes a hotspot in the summer months. Almost every time we go to the North Coast we end up there, but on a recent trip we diverged from our usual haunts to further explore Downhill Beach. I've been here a few times before as it's one of our favorite spots to take my family to due to the proximity to Mussenden Temple perched above the beach at the cliff's edge. The Temple makes this beach especially striking and unique; one of those places that you can imagine fairytales and legends coming to life at. Looking up at it through hazy sunlight as you walk along the dunes is almost like looking through a window in time and seeing a glimpse of a world half-forgotten. I have a few pictures from the Temple itself to share on another day, so I'll save the story and scandals of that building for that particular post! Instead this one is all about the lovely beach with that view behind. Another great way to enjoy this view is actually by train, you can see the line of fencing in the right side of my pictures with the railroad behind. The train travels along the dunes there and into a tunnel under the Temple! Quite an epic train journey if you ask me. shein striped dress-15 shein striped dress-12
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