Polka Dots at Mussenden Temple

mussendom temple-14
We can't let Scotland get all the glory for epic locations and memorable structures, there's plenty of history and beauty to be discovered in Northern Ireland as well! One such place I have explored with my family on several occasions, but never took pictures at before is Mussenden Temple. Briefly glimpsed perched on a cliff above Downhill Beach in a previous post, here is the striking Temple in all its glory. In season it is a popular spot to explore and we ended up dodging many a fellow tourist as we snapped these pictures--one even stopped me to ask if I "worked here" seeming to think my polka dot outfit was a period costume! With a bit of patience and a few awkward looks in our direction, we did manage to snap some lovely pictures around the dramatic Temple. It was completed in 1783 and originally designed to be a library and refuge for Frideswide Bruce, but on her death in 1785 it became a memorial to her. Perched at the sea's edge with stunning panoramic views it's a striking building that would have made for a memorable library. You can imagine the walls lined with books and seats pushed up against the windows for a quiet afternoon read. As lovely as it would have been for a solitary reader, I do love that places like these are now open to the public. There's so many gorgeous manor houses and properties I have been able to explore and enjoy because they are no longer reserved for the elite, but open to the public. It does mean you occasionally battle a crowd, but how grand that we all can see what used to be reserved for a privileged few. mussendom temple-15 mussendom temple-16
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