My Favorite Yellow Birches & Coat

birch trees-2 birch trees-1
Every time I wear this coat I get so many questions about where it's from, but like a lot of older pieces in my closet the shop has become a bit irrelevant since it's so old. For the record I got it from Shein, but since that was back in 2014 I somehow doubt it's still in stock! But there are other yellow coats in stores this seasons if you're on the hunt for one yourself (I'll link to my favorite below as well). It's such a cheerful autumn and piece that I love throwing on; so often our winter clothes can be quite dark, but this coat definitely breaks up that standard. It's also always a perfect match to my favorite patch of birch trees. These trees are one of my favorites areas come autumn in the local park near my home--they're such a lovely, unreal shade of yellow! I actually named one of my filters after these trees; Birches is my most yellow-y, golden filter and I edited these pictures with it. I knew they had turned and wanted to take pictures here with my new yellow shoes before it got too cold to go tightless (although in many ways it's already too cold for the bare legs in these parts!). Like these trees I was drawn to these shoes for the color, but Thomas literally hates them! It's hilarious because he almost never weighs in on my fashion choices. Even when I try to get him to help me choose an accessory or what to wear he's completely noncommittal and says something like "both are good." But these shoes he could not get over in the worst way! He'll probably be spared from seeing them again for a few months at least given the current temperatures, but what's your take on the shoes? The shape is very different from anything other pairs I own, but I think they're fun and obviously the most perfect color!
P.S. I'll share some unedited pictures vs final edits in my IG today from this set showing how the Birches preset works.  birch trees-16
birch trees-44 birch trees-25-side birch trees-22 birch trees-31 birch trees-40 birch trees-39-side birch trees-8 birch trees-30 birch trees-42 birch trees-37


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