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It's been a quiet week in these parts. I randomly injured my foot last week and have needed to take a literal step back and rest up for awhile. It's not that I have a very packed schedule, but I tend to treat things as "it needs to be done now!" This week it's been a lot of "it can wait" which has been very freeing. It's funny how the world doesn't come crashing down just because you had to postpone that task or take a bit longer to finish something. Maybe I'll have to work on maintaining this attitude a bit moving forward because it is hard to find balance when you feel like you're being chased by your to-do list! Reminds me of a comic strip I saw a few years back about "real life horror stories;" the terror of student debt, or filing your taxes properly. I definitely would have many more sleepless nights about taxes and to-do lists than I ever had about ghosts or the boogie man! Halloween is still very clearly on the mind and wardrobe though as evidenced by my candy corn skirt and purse. These pictures were taken last week pre-injury; just looking at myself in heels right now is making me wince a bit! Are you a fan of candy corn? I know a lot of people think it tastes like wax, but it tastes like childhood memories to me and I love it! I don't think I can find it in stores here though, so at least this year I can wear some candy corn even if I won't be munching on it this Halloween. candy corn-28 candy corn-4
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