Five Pieces I Remixed Last Month

b2 blouse
I thought I'd start sharing some remixes at the end of each month featuring some of the pieces in my closet that are older and getting a lot of wear. I feel like fashion bloggers have this reputation for never repeating clothes and frankly I don't think it's true; I think most of us do wear and rewear our clothes but you might not always notice the repeats because they aren't highlighted! So, here's a quick remix post sharing a few of the pieces I re-wore this month. This lacey blouse by Miss Patina is one of my absolute favorites; I think it's the most versatile piece I own. It looks great paired with skirts or layered underneath pinafores. This is only a handful of times I've worn it in the past few skirt
This cat print skirt has been in my closet for awhile, I think I got it back in 2014 (from the defunct Shop Ruche), but the earliest picture I could find was in 2015. You'd think that having a fashion blog would make it easy to find pieces you've repeated for remix posts like this, but when you've been blogging for 11 years and post a minimum of three outfits a week, it actually becomes very overwhelming to dig into the archives! It takes ages to go back even a few years and I've never been very good at cataloging or tagging posts to find specific pieces or looks easily. It's far easier finding the physical skirt than an old post featuring the skirt!
birch trees-1 yellow coat
This yellow coat is another old favorite--I mean most remixed pieces are going to be old favorites because that is when you see wear; when something has been worn and reworn for years. My goal when I buy new pieces is that they will become favorites I can wear again and again, but you don't always know what will stand the test of time and shifting tastebuds! Yellow is obviously a favorite color in my closet and this swing-y coat is so perfect with so many looks; I like how cheerful and fresh it feels in spring when it's too cold to not wear a coat and how warm it is in early autumn as you transition into cozier looks. 
trench remix
This is a new piece; I only bought this rust colored trench coat last spring when it was on sale at ASOS. It wasn't really the best timing to buy it because I was craving brighter colors for spring, but I knew eventually it would be autumn again and it would be the perfect trench coat for me. So no surprise, this fall I have worn it so much (I wore it over the summer too, but it's really been a favorite for fall)! My vintage spider brooch even looks perfect on the collar. I feel like trench coats are a perfect classic piece that everyone should have in their closet, but in a version that suits them--this is the dream trench for me. Perfect length, unique color, but still wonderfully timeless. skirt remix
You can never go wrong with a classic little black skirt. It's a real wardrobe "hero" piece that goes with everything from sweaters to tee shirts to more dressy blouses. This one is from Shein too, so it wasn't an expensive investment piece but it's still had so much wear! I don't think you always need to invest in expensive items, but to choose pieces wisely that you think you will wear often and to take care of what you own. Again, this is only a handful of times that I've worn this skirt because it is hard to hunt down old outfit pictures sometimes and I don't photograph every outfit I wear. 


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