Lumos Autumnos

harry potter-1-2Bringing an extra bit of autumn magic in my post today! When I got this Gryffindor sweater and scarf awhile back I knew I had to do a little Harry Potter inspired shoot wearing them. I mean they're great just for every day wear; both are warm and practical for this time of year and subtle enough to pass as a regular outfit, but add a wand and magic and there's no denying the inspiration! The timing couldn't be more fitting for these pictures as I've been re-reading the series this month and the latest film is out as well! I'm not usually one for cosplay, but maybe I should try a look inspired by the more recent films next since they are set in the 1920s and we all know I'm a sucker for vintage fashions. For this outfit I wasn't trying to be a specific character, but rather just a general student headed to watch a Quidditch match. I'm the least sports interested person ever, but I imagine if sports also involved flying around I might be more inclined to watch a game...Also, I'm not technically a Gryffindor, but I like these colors so often I get asked quite frequently if I am one even when I'm not attempting to cosplay!    harry potter-2 harry potter-17-side harry potter-27 harry potter-25 harry potter-26 harry potter-16
Primark scarf & sweater, Shein skirt, GoodAfterNine owl ring


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