My Favorite Yellow Sweaters In Shops Right Now

fair isle-1-3
I've been wearing a lot of old favorites and remixing closet classics this season, but if there's one thing I can't resist buying every autumn it's a cozy knit! I have way too many sweaters, but when they're so comforting and cute it's hard to resist. Yellow sweaters are probably my biggest weakness since I feel like I'm always on the hunt for "the one." This season I feel I have found my "one" in the form of this oversize fair isle number--it's so warm, the colors are perfect, and the loose fit looks amazing with jeans or tucked into a little mini. Even though I found my "one" I still can't help finding other yellow sweaters that are tempting me as well. See all my favorites below. fair isle-1-2-side fair isle-1


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