November Comes

fox collar-43
These pictures were the highlight of a rather disastrous weekend. We had planned to explore an area new to both of us a few hours from home, booked a place to stay overnight, and headed out. What we hadn't counted on was every activity we researched being closed for the season! Boats we wanted to take (to a castle in the middle of a lake) weren't running or available for rent. Abbey ruins were barred by a locked gate (I hadn't even considered that ruins might close for a season!). We were even foiled trying to find lunch with most of the local restaurants on limited evening hours--probably because all of the activities in town were closed for the season! It would have been more frustrating if it wasn't so comical. Basically if we attempted it--it failed. At some point you have to stop trying, pack up and go home! A less than auspicious start to November, but I'm still feeling optimistic about this month. What was lovely was the drive down and one of the forest parks we briefly explored--autumn seems out in full force and every patch of trees was an explosion of red and gold. I love how long fall lingers here. November is still a very golden month. fox collar-1 fox collar-12 fox collar-10-side
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