November Comes

fox collar-43
These pictures were the highlight of a rather disastrous weekend. We had planned to explore an area new to both of us a few hours from home, booked a place to stay overnight, and headed out. What we hadn't counted on was every activity we researched being closed for the season! Boats we wanted to take (to a castle in the middle of a lake) weren't running or available for rent. Abbey ruins were barred by a locked gate (I hadn't even considered that ruins might close for a season!). We were even foiled trying to find lunch with most of the local restaurants on limited evening hours--probably because all of the activities in town were closed for the season! It would have been more frustrating if it wasn't so comical. Basically if we attempted it--it failed. At some point you have to stop trying, pack up and go home! A less than auspicious start to November, but I'm still feeling optimistic about this month. What was lovely was the drive down and one of the forest parks we briefly explored--autumn seems out in full force and every patch of trees was an explosion of red and gold. I love how long fall lingers here. November is still a very golden month. fox collar-1 fox collar-12 fox collar-10-side
fox collar-16 fox collar-4 fox collar-40 fox collar-32 fox collar-51 fox collar-48



  1. Lovely pics for such an unlovely weekend. Thanks for posting the awesome Magnus collar.

  2. Gorgeous as always Rebecca! You have such an artistic eye for outfits and scenery!

  3. Ugh, I have definitely had days like that, and I'm glad it was comical for you guys because sometimes that can turn very frustrating! Glad you got some time out in the lovely lingering fall weather and outdoors.

  4. That collar is so pretty I love the fox

  5. Dawww what a pity Rebecca!!! :(

    Lovely photos as usual :* ♥

    Sora |

  6. Oh, my sounds like we had similar starts to our November! We took a trip to Salem that went awry! We've also had that happen when everything is closed for the season, happened on so many adventures in Sweden, I would get so frustrated, but looks like you made the most of it!


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