There's No Place Like Home

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I've been feeling the travel bug a lot lately. Thomas traveled quite a bit this year for work while I stayed behind hearing stories of the bakeries he got to eat at and cities he got to explore. Add to that the fact that every time you log into Instagram someone you follow is in a new country, you start to feel like quite the boring homebody. Not that being a homebody is bad. In fact, while I have been itching to travel (and quietly browsing ticket prices...), the truth is where I live is pretty great, especially this time of year. Yes, part of me wants to pack up a suitcase and jet off, but a greater part of me keeps saying, "go outside, take a walk, enjoy the color before it's gone." I mean, most places aren't going to be able to beat these woods and sheep dotted fields. Maybe I'll get a weekend away one of these months, but for now I am trying to enjoy the last of the lingering autumn in my neighborhood. Soon there will be Christmas markets popping up in the local towns, tree lighting ceremonies, and other festivities to keep me occupied. For now there's walks in the woods and evenings baking. The travel bug will just have to take a hiatus.buffalo plaid-6 buffalo plaid-39
vintage knit hat, Shein dress, &Mary necklace, old coat (similar), Miss L Fire boots
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vintage knit hat, Shein dress, &Mary necklace, old coat (similar), Miss L Fire boots



  1. Spoken like a pro! There's no place like home for sure, especially around the holiday season! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Lovely pictures!

    Mariya |

  3. I think everyone should give more weight to the joys of things that are nearby, at times! x


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