On Minis & Maturing

If I was to build a capsule wardrobe for myself right now it would consist mainly of Little Women Atelier dresses. The romantic puffed sleeved dresses of dreams with contrasting aprons that look fit for a Meg or Jo, or even Anne (of Green Gables). They're very vintage-looking, quite dramatic, and I do worry when I leave my house in one that I might be mistaken for a character in a re-enactment (it has happened before). But they just feel so right. Perhaps it's the Tasha Tudor effect; learning about her online and then sinking even deeper into one of her books and feeling so inspired to craft the life I want to live. Or perhaps this was the direction I was always going with my vintage style, but there's also this part of me that chases my dog in wellie boots and rain jackets and a part of me that loves a mini dress. Like Walt Whitman, I am liable to contradict myself--"do I contradict myself? Very well, the I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes." As much as one part of me wants to sweep through this world in ground-grazing dramatic dresses, another part of me wants to sashay in a mini (and a tiny practical piece of me keeps a pair of wellies and coat by the front door for early morning dog walks). But I do like minis, even though these days I wonder if my period re-enactment clothes are more "appropriate" for me than the more socially normal minis. You see, I'm in my 30s and I wonder if the era of minis should be behind me. I met someone recently who was surprised I was in my 30s and then said, "oh but you must be trying to look younger." I don't think she meant to offensively and I don't take offense from it, but no, for the record, I'm not trying to look younger. I'm just trying to have fun with clothes and wear what feels good; what feels right. It's sort of like when I dyed my hair blue and people said it was attention-seeking; I wasn't seeking attention, I was seeking the hair color of my mermaid dreams! Now when I wear my minis and slick on my cat eyeliner I wonder, "is this coming off as stale? As someone desperate to cling to, and imitate, youth?" Should I start dressing 'older' (whatever that means) just to be seen as someone comfortable with aging? Because I am comfortable with aging; I'm not afraid of telling people my age or being my age. I like being my age; I'm happier and more comfortable now than I ever was in my teens or even twenties. My life is quiet but lovely. Style always brings up these questions though; that balance of what you want to wear and how people perceive you in those clothes. As I am older, I can more easily shrug off the criticisms or misinformed opinions than I did in my 'youth,' but I still find myself on occasion pondering that age-old question of "age appropriateness."  redvines-24-side redvines-13
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wool beret, Shein dress, Chelsea Crew heels (old, similar)
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