The Scarecrow in the Cornfield

When I asked Thomas if he liked my dress, he replied "yes, you remind me of a scarecrow." Cheers, thanks mate, that's always my look like a demented stuffed figure left in fields to frighten birds. Still, seemed appropriate to take my crow-frightening outfit out to our nearest corn field for a few pictures. There were a number of funny outtakes from these pictures as it was quite windy and leaves kept smacking me in the face! The glamorous part of fashion blogging "in the wild." I do love living in the countryside with so many fields and wooded areas right on my doorstep, but there are drawbacks as well--like constantly muddy shoes, a few insect bites, leaves battering you in the face, and the rather constant debate of whether or not to just dress sensibly for once or dress for fun. As you can see, the latter usually wins for me. The ears of corn are just starting to show on the stalks and I can't wait until everything turns golden. September is always such a lovely month; crops are nearly ready to harvest, it's suddenly appropriate to wear all the plaid and earth tones, but it's not completely freezing yet. Here our weather is hovering in the 50s most days, but that still feels mild to me as I have acclimated to a cooler summer. Still it feels good to start wearing tights again and throwing on my coziest knits, it's like saying hello to old friends when I start pulling out my favorite fall clothes. This plaid mini from Shein is a new number for me, but has a bit of everything I'm loving right now: puff sleeves, yellow tones, and plaid. Use my code "3rebecca15" for 15% off your order at Shein.cornfield-13 cornfield-28
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  1. Wow, that rainbow though. I saw a double rainbow the other day myself after a good, clean rainfall. Your dress is beautiful though! I'm loving the plaid :)

    ~ Laurali Star

  2. I'm so excited for autumn! All the fall things, please! And I can totally relate to having those outtakes and those debates on whether or not to dress sensibly or dress fun!

  3. These photos are so lovely! I'm constantly getting mosquito bites all summer so you're not alone, but I think the way your photos turned out was worth it :)

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  4. The scarecrow joke made me chuckle - you two are so cute! Also, I cannot wait for more of your autumn pictures, this season suits you so well. We're still having a sweaty, hot September, but you can feel autumn slowly approaching and I'm so here for it! 🍂

  5. In any case, I love your scarecrow dress! :P

    Flor |


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