Waiting For A Gift From The Sea

The clock strikes at half past seven and it is time to go down to the ocean. Down, down to a small beach with entry nearly hidden by dunes, securing my privacy there. My shoes are like prisons on my feet and I liberate myself to feel the sand between my toes. Fading sunlight dances off the waves, a breeze runs through my hair with a gentle touch, my senses are overwhelmed. I stare out into the distance looking for ships, searching for dolphins, seeking whatever the ocean has to offer.

Outfit details:
secondhand scarf (in hair)
Dear Creatures dress
Amanda Deer necklace
secondhand shoes



  1. you look adorable but it must have been scary stood on those rocks with no shoes! you are brave.

  2. Ah! That dress makes my heart melt! I didn't see it on their website... do you know if it is available anywhere else??



  3. @Janelle Haskin, sorry the dress is from last year (bought it last spring), so I don't think anyone is carrying it now...

  4. Such a classic dress, and perfect setting for it.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    June giveaway

  5. Loved to read this post, and the photos are amazing, especially the last one, with such powerful waves.
    Plus, your dress is lovely!


  6. i just love that dress. dear creatures is the best!

  7. Love this post! Hey have you entered my Stella & Dot giveaway yet? http://bit.ly/jSFvvf It's just up your alley!

  8. You have a Gryphon Trench.. I love it.

  9. lovely as always, miss. xx


  10. love. love. looove that dress! I can see you remixing it many times over. loving the collages over at dead paper, too!

  11. The band-aid in the last picture is amusing and cute! Your skin looks really pretty and sun-kissed. Sooo envious! Hope you're having a good day. :)

  12. Hehe, you and I have matching feet band-aids. Shoes are painful prisons for the feet sometimes...

    I love the buttons on the side of the dress, and the kerchief in your hair. Super cute. ^.^

  13. So cute! Your hair is so long.
    And looks like you got a blister. :p I'm sorry!

  14. So beautiful! You are so lucky to have the ocean so close to you, I miss it.

    Kiss, Pi

  15. That dress is so pretty and I really like the trench! I have to remember to get one myself because they definitely come in handy when you want to wear a coat when it is a brisk day.

  16. Cute outfit! Great for a beach trip!!


  17. That dress is lovely! I really like that the sailor collar is lined by tan and not white. And your head scarf is a great touch!

    Also, as I've noticed your posts have been getting more writerly lately, can I offer some constructive criticism? I would avoid overt statements such as "my senses are overwhelmed". It's always best to show the reader rather than tell. By simply describing how the senses are being stimulated, the reader can infer that they are overwhelmed :)

  18. @Elle, I understand your critique, but well, I'm just scribbling on the web. I didn't like today's words (or Friday's) to be honest, but writing something I enjoy every day is a challenge. I know it's overdramatic, but it suited my mood at the moment. I hope you can just accept my posts as they are: scribbles on the web. I don't really want to be held up to some standard of well anything, I just want to jot things as they appeal to me in the moment.
    Also, it is just a phase. I've written for weeks like this in the past and then I return to more simplistic, straightforward posts. So, this style will disappear again soon enough.

  19. Oh, I hope I didn't come off as a snob! I certainly wasn't trying to discourage you from trying out a new style, and it wasn't my intention to hold you to any standards. I just thought that it might be nice to have some feedback to look back on if you ever do any creative writing in the future (since you strike me as the kind of person who would be interested in that).
    I've been reading your blog for years, and it's always been one of my favourites. There was no ill intent behind the comment, and I really apologize if it offended you at all.

  20. @Elle, haha, I hope I didn't come off as too sensitive! I don't mind criticism and I do enjoy creative writing, but it's not something I would pursue really...I don't know, it's really just a phase right now and I just try to write something a little whimsical/romantic over the very literal/practical right now because I'm a bit tired of writing the latter.
    I do appreciate your comment (if I had been offended I probably would have deleted!) and it is good to have constructive criticism because even if I'm not really "chasing" writing, I wouldn't mind improving; progress, change, growing, all good things, you know.

  21. Really cute outfit! And it looks as if you've gotten a bit of color (I say this as one pale girl to another :D).

  22. What a cute dress! Lovely :)


  23. I love that you are featuring more of your writing these days.

  24. I love your dress with the amazing sailor collar so much! Super cute shoes too!

  25. I love your dress. I love how it stands by itself, without the help of accessories.


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