We are constantly surrounded by noise and busy-ness in today's modern and hectic world, but there are still stolen moments of quiet and calm to be found while lost in the beauty of nature. I've often found my mind clearest and my heart fullest when out on a lonely walk either strolling down an empty shoreline or crunching through crisp autumn woods. It is in these corners of wilderness I love to linger and sometimes photograph. No matter what chaos and storms swirl about there is always a brief moment of quiet to be found in the wild.
You can add your pictures to the hashtag #quietinthewild on Instagram (and beyond) to join in the movement whenever you manage to steal a moment of quiet, or merely browse through the other tagged images when the wilderness it a little too far away and you need a moment of quiet through your screen. I hope it helps you weather the storm. I'll also feature my favorite pictures from the tag here from time to time and weekly in my Instagram stories.


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