Outfit: Call Me Clara

I felt quite like Clara Bow dancing around in this little dress with my faux bob. Since she lived in a time before color photography (I mean she was a silent film star who didn't transition well to talkies!) it's easy to think about her outfits and appearance in monochrome, but she had bright red curls and many 1920s styles were full of color. It was a very playful era in fashion and we even saw the beginnings of novelty purses in this time--with the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb in 1923 inspiring Eygptian art on purses to tiny "dance purses" that resembled jewelry. Which makes my novelty camera purse pretty fitting for a 1920s/flapper inspired look even if this type of camera didn't exist in that period! Whenever I channel past decades it's about much about the "feel" of the pieces as the period accuracy. Silver glittered covered shoes? You probably wouldn't find those on Clara, but the shape of them is pretty dead-on. Most 1920s accessories were inspired by dancing, so with 1920s shoes the question should always be, "can I dance all night in these?" and my Croon shoes definitely feel right for dancing! In the end it's all of these pieces coming together with a dress that moves well that makes me feel like Clara Bow who is by far my favorite flapper. I wore this dress a few months ago styled in a more modern way, but I think I prefer it like this with the 1920s elements played up a bit with some of my favorite accessories.
P.S. Try this faux bob tutorial I made last year to get a temporary flapper inspired bob.

Outfit: Festival Style With Lighthouse Clothing

In case you were suffering under some illusion otherwise, let me just set the record straight: Thomas and I are so not models! At 5'1" I never aspired to that career and found myself posing for my tripod and camera rather by accident for this blog. It's been a number of years since my first awkward self-portraits but oftentimes I still find myself as uncomfortable and awkward in front of the camera as those early days. But every so often we attempt a couple style post which means two non-models attempting to vogue for a tripod and yields countless hilarious photographs for me to sort through when editing. Some of more entertaining ones from this set were when Thomas helped remove a spider from my hair or another time when a random dog ran into the shots to greet us. Still we managed some decent photographs in the end, modeling skills aside! We're wearing our festival gear since recently Lighthouse Clothing (my favorite source of practical outwear for NI) reached out to see if we would be interested in attending a music festival in Dublin. The answer was naturally an enthusiastic "yes!" so over the weekend we trotted down to Longitude Festival well kitted it out for a Irish music festival. In America most of the music festivals are in dry, hot areas and fashion styles are barely there. Here you usually worry about temperamental weather and muddy fields, which means practical jackets and wellies are usually a must. We actually got lucky with sunshine at the festival, but as necessary on this green island it's best to hope for the best, but plan for the worst! Our new coats are perfect for a mercurial festival day and so many other days in Northern Ireland. 

The linings on our jackets are my favorite feature. Since I'm petite I often end up cuffing the sleeves of my coats and having a delightful floral lining peek out on my cuff makes that decision seem driven as much by style as function.

wearing: Lighthouse Clothing jacket c/o, Etsy tee, old jeans, Jord watch

Outfit: A Day At The Beach

With the most gorgeous weather I've seen in ages making a brief appearance in Northern Ireland this past weekend we made an impromptu visit to the beach.

Outfit: Town, Village, Hamlet, the British English Distinctions

Thomas and I live in a village. I have to remind myself to refer to it as a village and not a town because the two terms feel interchangeable to me.

Outfit: Land of Legends

I never believed in fairies but long past childhood I clung to this sort of fervent hope that they were real. I wanted to believe.