Outfit: Apple Picking Season

Apple picking is in full swing on the farm with much of Thomas's family out picking apples all day long; even taking their lunch break in the orchard sitting on upturned buckets and sharing a pot of tea as they have for generations. We were lucky to get these pictures with the red Katy apples before they were all picked. The reds are the first to be picked each year and when we went by this was the last row of unpicked Katy apples. Walking down the lane to this explosion of red apples felt like stumbling across the Garden of Eden, but with mud! You never picture the Garden with long wet grass or mud from heavy tractors driving through daily, but the bright red of the apples against the green of the orchard and the sweet scent in the air otherwise fits the scene. Everyone on the farm picks apples properly decked out in their wellie boots, but I definitely went for style over sensibility when choosing this outfit and walked home with damp toes for my brilliance. We also left with a few apples to enjoy--the Katy apples are perfect straight from the branch and the Bramleys (which they're picking now) are a wonderful cooking apple. I'm a little intimidated to try an apple tart since Thomas's mother is an expert in that field, but it will be a fun learning experience! I'm hoping to share some of her family recipes on the blog in the future--like her delicious crab apple jelly recipe.  
*pictures by Thomas*

Outfit: Robin Redbreast

Another day, another cute animal print. I know what I like and what I like is for my clothes to have little animals and sometimes insects all over them. Completely in the figurative or print sense, but taking pictures outdoors in woodland or other pastoral settings does mean I do get my fair share of actual insects crawling on me. It just goes with the territory; like getting dirt on your shoes because the paths aren't paved or getting grass stains on your skirt because you sat before you thought. But I think it's my love of vintage clothing that makes me a bit careless or at least relaxed about staining or damaging my clothes. Because I do love clothes, you can't really be a fashion blogger for this many years and be indifferent to clothes, but I don't mind them looking lived in--I want them to be lived in. When you buy vintage pieces there's always some quirk or flaw to it; an old zipper that takes forever to pull or tiny holes in the fabric that you can't stitch up but aren't really noticeable to anyone but you. You accept the flaws because you love the piece and sometimes the flaws are what is charming about them; you wonder how these happened or you admire that the dress is still in such good condition after being worn by someone so many years ago. Sure it has a few wrinkles and scars, but it has "lived" and it is still here to share its story. I don't know if any of my current pieces will ever be treasured vintage for someone else one day, but I don't mind if they get a few scars (or mud stains) in the mean time. I feel good when I look cute, but I want to take that feeling with me wherever the dirt path leads me...

*all pictures by me*

Outfit: A Quiet Mouse Of A Girl

I decided recently that I have a thing for mice. I'm not sure I like the little critters in real life when they invade your home, but there's something sweet and cute about them (especially as accessories and prints!) that I'm quite enamored with. A lot of it comes from a description I read once in a book that burned itself into me. "She was a quiet mouse of a girl, with grey eyes that hold secrets like the sea." I used a version of that phrase as my bio for ages because it resonated in me. It holds quite the punch because it establishes her as someone small, maybe insignificant, but then you realize she has unseen depths (as all of us do). I relate to it as well because I am also mousey in some ways; I am petite and quiet and can seem timid, but I end up surprising people because they underestimate me. I've even had people call me mousey in a mean way, which just makes me smile a bit because yes, I am like a little mouse, but I hold secrets as deep as the sea. Sometimes we see certain aspects of ourselves (like shy or introverted) as negatives when they're actually neutral, sure some people would try to say you are those things in a negative way but we don't have to accept their perspective of ourselves. So, I think I might try to introduce more mice into my wardrobe, to bring this signature and symbol into my style more--and all symbolism aside I just really want this mouse purse because it's adorable. Although of course my sweet dress doesn't feature actual mice, but little quolls. They're pretty adorable and I wouldn't mind being described as quoll-y but I somehow doubt that will take off!

Outfit: How To Be Ridiculously Good Looking In Pictures

I couldn't resist titling this blog post after a line from Zoolander since I often cry "I'm not a model!" when posting pictures and yet today I'm going to share some tips for posing in pictures.

Outfit: Wild Sunflower Field & Mustard Yellow Dress

At least once a month while they're in season we buy a bundle of sunflowers for our house.