Outfit: The Last Hurrah Of Summer

Summer has felt fleeting in Ireland this year--like a will 'o the wisp you chase but never seem able to capture, but in the last few days we feel as though we have captured and tamed this halycon season. With my parents here on their second visit to Ireland we packed our bags and headed south to a quiet island dotted with sheep and empty, idyllic beaches. I had thought we would be doing more hiking, bundled in watherproof jackets and sensible boots, but after a wild ferry ride across stormy waters the skies cleared and we've been treated to the loveliest end-of-summer weather that had us shedding shoes and jackets as soon as we reached the shore. I still haven't got in the water past my ankles, but I'm glad I packed a couple of swimsuits to properly soak up this sunshine. Thomas, more bold than any of us, has been floating around the icy waves as if they were as warm as bathwater.

                                       *old boater hat, Albion Fit Dahlia suitMiss L Fire sandals*

I'm always most comfortable in a one piece suit and Albion Fit sent me a couple that really fit my style perfectly. I like being covered, but not boring and this bold red suit fits that to a tee; the ruffle keeps it playful and you'll never look like a wilting violet in right red. Naturally I have all of the red accessories to match--a reliable old boater hat and playful pair of sandals. This suit comes with detachable straps which I promptly removed (I would say "no tan lines" but we all know I don't tan).

My other suit is the Brigitte which can be styled with the sleeves worn off the shoulder much in the style of Bardot herself. Tucked into a bright skirt with a jean jacket on top there's no telling it from another striped top; a perfect suit for all day adventures I think this one might be my new favorite. P.S. Use code ACLOTHESHORSE to get 15% off at Albion Fit; they have brilliant travel dresses and skirts as well for the perfect wardrobe to pack for adventures.
*old headband, DIY jacket, Albion Fit Brigitte suit, old skirt, ASOS espadrilles*

Outfit: Pandora's Box

It's quite fitting to be wearing a beaded 1920s inspired dress with my new bob haircut quite in the style of Louise Brooks, although I'm still nowhere close to looking like an authentic flapper girl! Now that I have shorter hair I should channel that era for a truly authentic look one of these, but for most days my style is a blend of eras and refrences I'm inspired by. It's funny how much you learn when you're curious. I studied business at university; I took courses on economics and a few on business law, but today I know a lot more about fashion and vintage styles (and designers and photographers that are mostly forgotten today!) than I do about economics. I was never very curious about economics, but I was curious about Louise Brooks and Nina Leen and Madame Gres. So, I never took a class on fashion but I studied it in my own way and applied the lessons in my personal style. I really like how curiosity can lead you down new and interesting paths if you allow it to...

*pictures by Thomas*

Outfit: Classic Polka Dots & A Pop Of Red

If you follow my Instagram you will know that I recently went in for a chop. It was a cut I sort of wanted (being a bit bored with long hair) but also knew I needed since a lot of my hair was damaged from my frequent bleaches and dyes of the past year! After my hair cut I asked Thomas what he thought about it and he said, "you look familiar." Looking in the mirror, I find myself agreeing with him. Four years ago I had a Jean Seberg pixie cut (it will always been the "Seberg cut" to me since I showed pictures of her to my hair dresser when I asked for the style) and while I grew out my hair a good deal since then, shorter hair is more familiar to me. When I see myself with the bob it looks right to me, although I must admit it doesn't feel right yet! Immediately after my cut my head felt so much lighter, like a weight was off my neck (which I suppose it was in a way) and brushing my hair I keep almost dropping my brush when I get to the ends because it's just a short, quick sweep! But I'm sure that novelty will wear off soon as well and it will feel as familiar on my head as it looks in the mirror.

How great is this classic, yet modern polka dot dress by Apricity? It's sort of like a classic shirt dress, but with a contemporary sheer panel. The dress is available in a few different colors, but I immediately felt drawn to this light brown aptly named "coffee polka dot" dress. My wardrobe is usually dominated by color--it's a sea of bright yellows and greens, every shade of blue, and far too many little red dresses. Neutrals are often lacking, but lately they're what I've been intrigued by the most. I want all of the light brown, camel-y colored knits for autumn! This dress feels like a step in that direction; light and summery but with the warmer, more earth-y tones I might be wearing more this fall.

*pictures by Thomas*

Outfit: Greenhouse Growth

This little greenhouse isn't too far from where we live and we sometimes like to visit it for photographs.

Outfit: Monea Castle

I always seem to find myself typing, or attempting to type at least, a fitting post for glamorous photographs when I'm feeling quite unglamorous.