Outfit: Walking in Wild Garlic

Did you walk barefoot through the morning dew yesterday? Or dance around a Maypole? I must confess I didn't do either tradition on May Day, but I did spend as much of my weekend as possible outdoors enjoying the lush signs of spring growing in the forest near our home. The wild garlic is in full bloom and it's both beautiful and pungent. I'm tempted to pick some and try to make my own pesto; I've seen a few recipes for it and there's certainly and abundance of wild garlic available to me! It will be another excuse to get out to this pretty path which I'd like to do as much as possible while the weather is nice!
Blueprint Eyewear recently sent me some shades and asked me how I "chase the sun." And the truth is I chase it anyway I can! The sun is quite shy in Ireland so I'm learning to take advantage of it when it is around. On this day it meant an extended walk through the woods and wearing some summery clothes. Their sunnies are so lightweight I barely noticed I was wearing a pair of sunglasses and the classic shape means they'll suit loads of my vintage inspired ensembles. The lenses are specially made to be smudge and scratch resistant--perfect for someone like me who really abuses their shades often chucking them into the bottom of my bag when I'm headed out. I hope there's more sunglasses wearing days in my near future, perhaps the sun can be persuaded to linger over this island for awhile longer.

*all pictures by me*

Outfit: The Little Yellow Gatehouse

Sometimes the creative post title is a struggle and I just go a bit literal. Yep, this is our little gatehouse and it has a yellow door and once again I am matching said door. Mustard yellow is quickly becoming a dominant color in my wardrobe. It started with yellow accessories--a knit hat, a pair of sunglasses, etc--but sometime in the last few years I started getting yellow everything and I tend to wear my yellow clothes loads more than other colors in my closet. I mean, I have a lot of black too, but I feel like it only rarely gets worn. Sometimes it's nice to wear yellow on a grey day because it's such a happy color and other times (like this day) it's nice to feel like you're matching the sunshine. This cardigan is an old favorite (remixed around a year ago) and my new cacti dress by Miss Patina is a perfect match (although I think almost any dress is a good match for this cardigan!). Miss Patina is one of my favorite UK brands and their spring/summer collection is just feeding my addiction. It's largely inspired by the sea and features pretty collars that resemble sea shells and mermaid prints. If you see something you can't resist on their site use code "rebecca15" to get 15% off on your order at Miss Patina.

*all pictures by me*

Outfit: Preppy Nautical

The preppy look is a style I've been trying to avoid most of my adult life.

Outfit: The Sitting Room at Helen's Tower

Last week I shared the Poetry Room in Helen's Tower where we spent a relaxing weekend unplugged enjoying open fires and the views from the upper floors.

Outfit: Adventures in Overalls

Here's something I thought I'd never wear (as an adult anyway): overalls.