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There's something nice about a backpack, something liberating. Awhile back, a blogger friend told me that a clutch purse says "I don't need my hands" and I agree (you also can't fit a decent camera in a clutch bag to save your life), conversely a backpack might say the opposite. So many dresses and skirts don't come with pockets and even when they do they're small slits of things; good for providing your hands with an occupation to keep you from looking awkward, but unsatisfactory when it comes to carrying around your necessities...as in they are often too small to even hold a wallet. This is why purses are so essential. A backpack, usually meant for students, is one of the most functional purses/bags you can find. A backpack says you do need your hands and you like to have them free when you're exploring the world. It further explains that a small purse won't do because while you're no longer a student you still enjoy having a book or two or three handy; it promises to keep your moleskine and pens handy in outer pockets because you never know when you might require them. A backpack says "bring it on world, I've got everything I need balanced evenly across my shoulders." But it also says nothing at all, because it is an inanimate object...

Outfit details:
H&M jacket
infinity scarf
ASOS dress
Tabio tights
Rebecca Minkoff backpack



  1. That's why I hate clutches, except on very special occasions. I can't even fit my phone in a lot of them. Backpacks are nice, but I think a good medium is a nice solid tote bag. They can easily hold books and pens and cameras and phones and makeup, but aren't as bulky as backpacks. (That being said I try to avoid bags and stick to pockets if possible!)

  2. I've recently given up on my satchel obsession and moved onto backpacks. So much more practical, much greater capacity and it's unbelievable how much less strain it puts on the shoulders by spreading it across two. I love your backpack, very chic, I've just got a standard black canvas. It is difficult to find good quality, nice looking backpacks though.

    Also, love love love the boots.

  3. Ha, Rebecca, your little twist at the end made me giggle. I love anything that marries style and practicality, and while I don't have a backpack, I'm an enormous fan of tote bags. Especially as you can cross the straps across your back and turn it into a makeshift backpack whilst cycling or exploring.

    Happy New Year in advance! : )

  4. That bag is pretty cool! I bought my girlfriend a similar vintage one not so long ago. The location of the shoot is brilliant, really like it :)

  5. I've been looking for a perfect backpack like that forever! I went on a study trip to Greece over the summer and this sort of bag would have been absolutely perfect, but I couldn't find one that wasn't ridiculously expensive designer. Do you have any suggestions of where to find any?

  6. You have the best outfits! That backpack is lovely!

  7. i will always be a big bag girl... clutches just dont work me! love the modcloth boots!! :) xx

  8. a backpack! I've been meaning to get one for when I ride my bike (and I totally need my hands), but haven't found the right one. yours looks useful and pretty, though, so I'd definitely grab it if I found it in a shop.
    happy new year!

  9. @Sian, Urban Outfitters has a bunch right now for less than $70; the canvas ones are pretty stylish imo. Also for leather ones look vintage on Etsy, thrift stores, eBay, etc. Finding one secondhand could take awhile, but it'd be the cheapest way to go.

  10. lovely post, you look adorable!

    from, helen @ thelovecatsINC


  11. AMAZING BLOG! so happy i found it, our styles are very similar so this is great inspiration.


  12. Backpacks are the only option for me, as I go literally everywhere on my bike. Sadly these wishy washy canvas or leather ones from Urban don't hold up well if you carry a ton of stuff, and aren't waterproof. my unasked-for two cents for kittenhood: if you are willing to invest, go for a Chrome or other comparable performance brand! They look dope and last forever! I myself am about to spend dollars on a Mer bag, they are cool as hell and handmade by this one dude. BACKPACKS

  13. Hehe..I love your last sentence. Made me laugh :) And you are so right. The only time I ever use a clutch is ....um probably never. I have a habit of leaving things behind if I don't have it hanging from my shoulders.

  14. Those boots are so cute! Oh my gosh. I love the location of these photographs too. xo, rv


  15. I looked at a backpack for a long time today, I really want one but I'm to paranoid that someone is going to take things out of the back! (I blame high school and junior high)

  16. Your too cute! As much as I love beautiful big bags, a small over the body, or backpack make life so much easier because you can use your hands! I loved your description of what backpacks say.... or don't say! ;)

  17. I love your style in this outfit. A new twist on the classics.

  18. I love your boots Rebecca! I haven't used a back pack since my days in school but they are definitely handy and are making a bit of a come back aren't they? Love this outfit, the green and blue looks lovely against that raspberry scarf!

  19. "but it also says nothing at all because it's an inanimate object" hahahhahahaaha.

    and lovely outfit. and now I want a backpack!


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