Dream A Little Dream

What appears to be polka dots on this tunic (dress if you're short like me) are in fact little stars. That combined with the breezy shape and silky texture makes me just want to wear it as a night gown, or you know out and about on days when I don't feel like getting dressed. I don't usually wear such loose dresses, but they're definitely quite freeing feeling. Clothes have that affect on you; the right garment gives you confidence, but even certain shapes and fabrics can affect your mannerisms.

Outfit details:
Gryphon trench coat



  1. what a pretty pair of sandals! the tunic is so cute!
    xo, Tina

  2. love that dress and those shoes :)

  3. your pictures make me nostalgic sometimes. i used to run on the railroad tracks through the forest in high school... i wish i could do that where i am living now.
    i love those shoes!

  4. I love the navy and the red together! So cute and simple


  5. cute dress - I would had worn a belt on the waist
    love the shoes

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  6. Oh my, these shoes look perfect with the dress!

  7. The looser fit looks good on you! I especially love those big, flowy sleeves.


  8. You look lo... wait, here's some free candy?

  9. Those shoes are adorable!



  10. Girl, I need a pair of shoes like that one...


  11. oooh, so beautiful... love your hair :)

  12. This dress is so simple but so lovely, and looks perfect with those pretty red shoes.

  13. Just wondering - how come you prevent Pinterest users from pinning outfit images?

    I use Pinterest to bookmark and collect inspiring images to help me define my style. I also use it to collect beautiful and simple clothing styles that I hope to someday be able to sew myself. It's frustrating when I'm prevented from saving these images in a way that is accessible and will let me actually remember them in the future.

  14. @Sam, I don't or at least I don't intentionally since I don't even know how to do that. So if you're prevented from pinning my images I don't know what it is that's stopping you. I however do dislike finding my images on weheartit, tumblr, facebook, or pintrest uncredited; I understand you want to archive it for personal purposes but a lot of these sites (pintrest especially is guilty of this) are basically stealing credit from artists. They archive content, while I work really hard to create it--only to have it removed from my site without credit.
    So, I don't know why you can't pin, but I'm afraid I'm not going to look into making my images accessible. I definitely didn't know there was an issue since I've seen my images (uncredited) on Pintrest more times than I care to count.

  15. I admit I wasn't sure if it was a technical difficulty or what, because I've never seen Pinterest act like that before! It will let me pin images from your advertisers, but images form the post itself are overlaid with "You cannot pin this image," so I assumed it was done on purpose.

    I agree that attribution is a big problem with sites like Pinterest and Tumblr. It's up to the user to make sure they link to the original source and give a named credit! Unfortunately, I think so people get so excited to pin things that they forget to properly give credit.

    Thank you so much for responding!

  16. @Sam, yeah it's kind of a sensitive subject. Sometimes I want to start a Tumblr where I reblog images in my dashboard but add the proper credit to them; I find other people's images much more than I find my own and it still really bothers me.
    But ultimately, I don't actually actively prevent people from sharing my images on any of those platforms. People will always find a way and sometimes getting your work shared will lead to something great.

  17. That outfit looks so breezy and comfortable...I think I could just live in that dress for days!


  18. That tunic does remind me of a nightgown! It looks so lovely and free on you. I especially love how you've paired it with those cherry red shoes. Perfect! :>

  19. LOVE the sandals! And they're at an awfully good price, too. (We're suckers for a great deal.)

    And we can relate to the so-short-that-tunics-can-be-dresses scenario--same goes for us! But we've embraced it. :)

  20. i think anonymous is right, you look like a kid in here.

    a happy pretty girl with a nice red shoes.

    i adore you,


  21. @I'm Apple, um, anonymous is referring to a tweet I made yesterday. There's no reference to me looking child-like.

  22. my mistake. you look cute in this outfit.

  23. @I'm Apple, no problem & thank you. I do get the young thing a lot.


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