Farewell Florida

This is my last post from sunshine-y Florida; back in Pennsylvania they're already calling for snow and I shall greatly miss these days of bare toes and light layers. Honestly, I'm loathing a return to the North. Every time I spend part of my fall or winter somewhere balmy I re-think all the life decisions that led me to living places with proper winters. But I'll get along alright, I'll dig out my old mittens and hats and buy new sweaters and coats I don't need because it's hard to resist buying more cozy layers when you're cold and I'll muddle through this winter in a giant pile of knits and I'll force myself outside for more than just running errands and some nights even with snow I'll enjoy a walk out to enjoy the stars and the mist my breath makes in the chill air.

Outfit details:
Seychelles sandals
*photos by my sister



  1. This dress is gorgeous, I love the colour and bow on the back. I always regret living somewhere so cold at this time of year, but when it starts snowing and everything looks beautiful I'm always glad I am here. Glad you had a such a great time away xo

  2. i will move next year to florida. wonderful dress!

  3. Beautiful dress and fantastic colour! Yes I adore summer, but have to admit the season hold me in awe!

  4. one of the cutest dress i've ever seen on you <3

  5. I love how even with layers, the bow pops out the back so cutely.

  6. Always beautiful unique photos! Love the color of that dress!!!

  7. Gorgeous! you remind me of Jane Seberg in Bonjour Tristesse ;)


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