Muddy The Water

My trunk is becoming a treasure chest of muddy shoes, extra scarves, tripods, and crumpled autumn leaves. It just seems I can't go on any brief excursion without bringing a few things back with me that are not-quite-fit-for-the-home. I don't really worry about covering my shoes in mud or staining my clothes though--if I was too afraid to wear them out then what would be the point of owning them? Besides can't we allow our clothes to scar like our bodies? One of my favorite pairs of jeans boasts a patched rip on the back of the pants leg, the legacy of climbing a fence I probably shouldn't have crossed. Those stains and clumps of dirt are the remnants of the adventures we should be having; they beg those who observe them to ask "where have you been wandering today to get so dirty?" and remind you to get back outside and fill your pockets with leaves and weather-smoothed stones.

Outfit details:
thrifted hat
Shop Ruche coat (2 years old, similar)
vintage Coach purse



  1. I have to say, this is probably my favorite outfit that I've ever seen you post! I love the second photo and I'm really digging the simple color palate. I just wish that dress was still at Topshop so I could purchase it myself.


  2. You're adorable in that coat!

  3. Ilove how this feels vintage yet modern. Child-like yet grown-up. Or rather like an Adult going back to revisit the Hundred Acre Wood.

  4. These pictures are very evocative to me of childhood and some sort of latent magic. Thank you. They're beautiful.

  5. That's exactly how I feel about clothing! And now half my clothes have paint stains on them and I don;t even care (unless it is my white dress, then heaven forbid.) This is also the reason all my shoes are so worn out, because they are meant to be worn.


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