You May Forget My Going

Have you ever carved your name into a tree? Singly or bound to another's inside a juvenile heart? For a moment let's disregard the fact we are scarring nature and instead focus on that moment of bliss and young love that drives people to wield a knife and leave permanent marks on growing things. I have never felt that sort of mystical infatuation that makes romance seem eternal, nor felt the need to leave an impression of myself on some place through name or initials--I always feel like a passerby without any permanent claim to a spot that I am just beginning to be familiar with. But there's real appeal to a marked tree covered with names and dates and even winking knowing eyes at new lovers that come to add their personal scratches to its bark. Perhaps one day I'll make some lasting impression on person or piece of nature...



  1. Love the res tights and those shoes!


  2. all I can hear when I see this is that scene from fern gully. ' CAN'T YOU FEEL ITS PAIN!?' ha I think that movie was more a part of my childhood than actually carving anything. I always wanted a boy to do it for me though. like that scene in robin hood. clearly I've been overindoctrinated all over the place.

  3. I wonder what story lies behind that particular tree that people would carve in it so much?

    Anyway, loving the classic and simple look

  4. My whole family went and posed with my dad's initials (entwined with some girl from forty years earlier) carved into a tree in his hometown in England. It was kind of fun; us, the real manifestations of the future, next to the silly imagined future of a teenager!

  5. Not wanting to sound creepy or weird, you have made a lasting impression on me - as a woman of inteligence, cultured, elegant, stylish, very beautiful, and oh so elusive that you are. Your writing remains of the best I have had the pleasure of enjoying online, and your being such an introvert who choses to display part of her through a style blog makes me smile everytime I see a new post. I think you are a very interesting person, don't take this wrong way.

  6. There's a tree in a park near my school that has some couple's names scratched in it with a heart. But someone came back and crossed it out with a big X! We always thought it was funny that someone cared enough about that breakup to come back and set the record straight.



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