Every Word Is Like An Unnecessary Stain

I built today's outfit around my new-to-me vintage barrettes. One is a pair of creepy red-eyed monkeys and the other is a pair of leaping horses (naturally because I'm a clothes "horse"). My blue hair has been making me resist wearing most of my red pieces, but after I bought these barrettes I decided to just go bold with the color contrast and get some wear out of one of my prettiest lightweight blouses before autumn rolls in. I wore this outfit while I was in New York, but never managed to get a picture of it so I had a good excuse to put it on again when I got back to Pennsylvania--it is a ridiculously comfortable outfit to wear, perhaps especially the shoes. The skirt has a couple of stains I can't get rid of and usually makes me a bit self-conscious to wear it, but no one else ever seems to notice the stains as I always receive compliments on this skirt. I think that is such a true statement for so many things--we always notice our imperfect skin or messy hair or awkwardness before anyone else. Even just last week I found myself apologizing if I came off as "standoffish" or quiet after newly meeting a blogger I had been reading for months, only for her to say she didn't notice either behavior at our first introduction. So all the awkwardness was imagined on my end...or created post-introduction by my unnecessary apology! Perhaps the best thing to do is stop assuming the worst parts of ourselves are glaringly obvious. We are often our own worst critics.

Outfit details:
vintage barrettes
vintage skirt



  1. I love this look! So fun and pretty and well-put-together. Very inspiring.

  2. love that red shirt!



  3. I really like the bright contrast between hair and shirt! Woulda loved closeups of the barrettes, though.

  4. great colors! lovely shots!


  5. So gorgeous, love that skirt!


  6. I love the pictures!! It looks like from some really cool magazine! :) I completely agree with the "stains" that only we notice and others don't until we tell them. We are the worst critics of ourselves.
    And I really like the way you play with the colors. I love how your red and blue combination turned out! :)

  7. This is my favorite outfit that you've worn in a while! (and i love every single one!) That skirt is seriously too perfect, i love the style, length and pattern. Also, I know what you mean! Im always apologizing for my akwardness but everyone says they dont really notice

  8. Ooh I really like the red and blue together! And the pattern of the skirt is pretty awesome. Seriously though, I do the same thing sometimes. While I'm definitely not quiet I do apologize for things that I think would annoy someone else :p

  9. Adorable outfit! I had to comment when I realized that I think I have the exact fabric your skirt is made out of! I inherited it from my Grandma, and made it into my own skirt a little while back.

  10. So pretty! I used 85mm F4 for my outfit shot today. It shows a little bit blur. I think Istill have a lot to learn. Thanks

  11. These photos are great! This outfit is one of my all time faves, I'm really digging the color contrast.


  12. Rebecca, a friend and I were just talking about the same thing--imagining after the fact that we're responsible for some perceived awkwardness. Also, you mentioned earlier that Fashion Week was at times intimidating--it's so great that you went, first of all, and second, know that your creativity is of a different sort than a lot of people there, I feel quite sure. :) Value the parts of you that are different--it's why I follow your blog! :) Amy

  13. I love that red blouse and novelty print skirt. The red looks so good with your blue hair. And super cute flats too. You look so beautiful especially in the 1st and last photos.

  14. ahhh! why are you so freaking cute? seriously i love your style so much

  15. You've got such a beautiful blog, darling! I love every little bit of this outfit!

    Xo, Hannah


  16. That is such a pretty skirt! I have the same problem with clothes with stains, the feeling you can't wear them again. However, I like to find ways of layering or reusing them so they don't get lost forever. It is kind of weird the way we see things differently. As though our eyes are different when they look at ourselves than other people.

  17. Love that skirt!



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