Day To Night

Scissortail Clothing recently sent me their faux fur coat and as soon as I wrapped myself in it's cozy warmth I saw two very distinct styles for the coat which is rather neatly summed up as "day" and "night" looks. Of course in my head they weren't simply "day and night" but rather Scottish country estate lady out duck shooting (or whatever random recreational form of small animal killing they do) and 1920s Fitzgerald-worthy socialite ready to paint the town red. However, as much as I like dressing like a character I am neither of those people so "day to night" will suit me well enough. My "Scottish" look was perfect for the chillier days we've been having and I'm contemplating the flapper one as my NYE look because fur and sequins is the fashion version of indulgence equivalent to copious amounts of champagne and canapés.
P.S. The coat runs small--I usually wear a size xs and this coat is a size small.

Day outfit details:
vintage dress
vintage belt
Rachel Roy boots
Zara purse
Shop Ruche rings

Night outfit details:
acrylic headband
Seychelles heels (old)



  1. I adore the narrative behind each look :) I think that's part of why I love your blog so much, and why I'm glad you're the first personal style blog I came across--you have so much whimsy and romanticism and storytelling in the way you express yourself! Okay, gushing over xD

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the layering, the fur coat and the dress.
    Your flapper inspired outfit reminds me of Daisy from The Great Gatsby. :)

    Sienna xx

  3. You're precisely right about fur and sequins -- they have an opulent air about them that cannot be replicated by polyester.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  4. that coat is beautiful! and i love the plaid dress


  5. I love how put together these two looks! They are both so wonderful, but ah, that second one. Im a sucker for some sparkle!

  6. the coat is a real allrounder, isn't it? :)

  7. Love the coat! Just purchased it. I've been looking for a nice quality faux fur coat or jacket that wouldn't break the bank. Thanks for sharing this with us Rebecca. You look marvelous! Can't wait to see your NYE outfit.


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