Sunday Remix

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This cropped sweater has been a favorite layering piece for me this fall. It goes wonderfully with skirts and fits perfectly to my natural waist when I layer it over top of dresses. And of course the basic cream color means it goes with pretty much everything in my closet. While cropped sweaters make no sense to me when you're wearing anything around your hips because sweaters usually mean coziness and exposed belly skin is not cozy, as a petite girl I like this trend because I finally have a sweater more suited to my frame and preference for emphasizing my natural waist.



  1. All so beautiful! Love your looks!

  2. you're one of the cuttest dolls ever :) And everything you wear just makes you precious ^^

  3. I love that cream sweater, it looks like such a versatile piece! Reminds me that I need to get one for myself already :)

  4. great sweater! love it!


  5. All very lovely outfits. That petite little sweater goes so fabulously well with everything. I love that beautiful red coat of yours too - lovely.


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