Bring On Spring

Here's another hoarded (or rather merely forgotten and re-found) outfit post for your from yet another snow day--it's probably not a record for Pennsylvania but it's definitely one for me. The weather looked like this just the other day and I was similarly dressed, so in some ways it's hard to place when pictures were taken and when is now. Are we a week into March with several inches of snow still on the ground and the threat of more winter storms over our heads? It seems preposterous in some ways that we are nearly upon spring and winter hasn't even begun to fade, nearly as preposterous as it was for me to go out this day without a hat on--I had underestimated the volume and frequency of the snowflakes which had looked pretty and gentle from my bedroom window. Anyway, I find myself in the third stage of winter grief--that of bargaining. I ask not for sunshine and a true spring, only less snow and temperatures above 30…that does not seem unduly demanding.

Outfit details:
ASOS dress (old)
Shop Ruche boots (same)
UO mittens (old)
*pictures of me by Tracy



  1. you look beautiful in that winter wonderland!

  2. It's only snowed a wee bit here in the UK and I think it's freezing. I can't imagine how cold you were when you took that coat off! Beautiful photos. I too hope that it will get a bit milder soon and that I can begin wearing less than two pairs of tights soon.

  3. gorgeous outfit! that dress + shirt combo is so cute!


  4. The snow looks so dreamy in your photos! I especially like the colors of your outfit in contrast with the white of the snow. :)


  5. Love the dress and the coat, they make you look so dolly! :D

  6. I love the snow covered red berries and your read coat with your red lipstick. red and white suit you so well!

    Polly Bland

  7. Lovely red coat! You always look so adorable ♥

  8. You must have been so cold! Love the outfits and the gorgeous snow :) And the way you're growing out your Pixie cut!

  9. i know you are suffering through all this beyond what i can even imagine (virtual hug!) but man your photos sure look pretty.


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