The Beauty Remains

I always feel quite dramatic whenever I wear a skirt that falls past my knees--it doesn't help that everyone who knows me says something like "woah look at that skirt" when I do! Despite the Greek chorus to my sartorial choices I do get the desire for a longer skirt every now and then. I was watching Renoir the other night and swooning over the wardrobe design. Andree's first outfit in the film is stunning and I don't think I've ever coveted an Edwardian wardrobe more. Unfortunately, I don't have any Edwardian style clothes in my closet, but I can at least give my mini skirts a break for a day...

"Why shouldn’t art be pretty? There are enough unpleasant things in the world."
Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Outfit details:
purse from Camden market



  1. You should wear this length of skirt more often! You look so adorable. Reminds me of Downton Abbey!

  2. You look especially gorgeous in these photos. Your expressions are so sultry. You're killing it with the longer length dress and the hat.

  3. This is cute! I like the longer length dress on you.

    - alexis

  4. You look so beautiful here! I love the lighting and setting, it's perfect to showcase that lovely dress! And I love your hat and shoes as well.

  5. Very nice! And I am somehow ok with very long skirts/dresses in the summer. But when I wear them in Fall/Wintertime, it does somehow feel odd. I'm just not used to it. But I will try again this year:)

  6. I just bought that hat a few days ago! These photos confirm my suspicions that this hat will look excellent when worn. Also, that dress is amazing. You look lovely as always.

  7. Love this look, the dress is beautiful.

  8. that dress is beautiful!

    xx nikki


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