Five Staple Pieces For A Cottagecore Wardrobe

cottagecoreThis summer I've really leaned into the cottagecore aesthetic more than ever before, it helps that cottagecore basically aligns with my ideal lifestyle--a quiet life in the country appreciating nature and foraging a bit in the woods. Even if you don't have elderflower and damsons on your doorstep you can still get the cottagecore look with a few strategic outfit choices. So often it's not about changing every item in your wardrobe but getting a few key items and mixing what you already own in an earthy, natural way. Cottagecore is pretty synonymous with farmcore or countrycore, so it's all about being close to nature and more traditional handicrafts. Fashion-wise this usually translates to a more vintage inspired wardrobe, but leave the 1950s prom dresses behind and instead focus on dressing like a homesteader. While it's a very cute look, ultimately cottagecore pieces tend to be very practical; natural fabrics and comfortable silhouettes, clothes people used to wear to work in their gardens or around the farm. Here are some of the staple pieces to start dressing more cottagecore.

Peasant blouse: If you’re looking to build a cottagecore style wardrobe one of the best pieces to buy has to be a peasant blouse. The one I’m wearing above is from Miss Patina and really ticks all of the boxes of a classic peasant blouse: full sleeves (which can be worn down or pushed up for a puffy sleeve look), lace detailing, and a sweetheart neckline. This piece is such an essential because it’s something that will instantly make all of your other clothes look more romantic and soft; you can pair it with jeans, dungarees, a vintage dirndl like I did, a high waisted skirt, etc. You don’t always need to go buy a whole new wardrobe to get a new style, but rather get a few pieces like a peasant top that can give your old pieces a new look. You can also look for vintage dirndl tops, or any romantic white blouse in modern shops for a similar look.

Pinafore dress: Pinafores are sleeveless dresses, often designed to be worn layered (similar to an apron). I am obsessed with pinafores and own so many because I love all the different ways you can style them; linen ones are my absolute favorites. They are perfect with white peasant blouses underneath, but you can also style them with tee shirts, sweaters, or even wear them without any layers underneath. Cottagecore is about connecting to nature and living simpler, so clothing styles like pinafores that are inspired by aprons and are based off of classic old workwear clothes are perfect for giving that vibe. I always have people online surprised that I wear these clothes out-of-doors into the woods or while gardening (as if I had another place to wear my clothes as I literally live in a park), but these style of clothes were traditionally worn by peasant women who worked on farms. These clothes are designed to be worn out in nature, they’re not fussy silk or satin dresses!

A maxi dress: Cottagecore style really seems to flourish in the summertime. The aesthetic is soft and pastel-filled, like the happiest summer memories of picking daisies in a field near your home. For fashion one of the most classic ways this manifests is as a long, flow-y dress. Doen perfectly exemplifies the look, but you don’t have to spend a lot to find a perfect dress—most of the modern examples we see are actually based off of vintage designs. So try looking at your local thrift shops, depop, or Etsy for vintage Laura Ashley, gunne sax dresses, or dirndls. Laura Ashley is really the OG of this style; she reintroduced aprons, peasant blouses, and bonnets in the 1970s. Those vintage dresses are having a bit of a moment right now, so it can be harder to find Laura Ashley originals at decent prices, but looking for cotton, linen, puff sleeve, or peasant dresses from the 1970s should still yield a lot of similar options at decent prices.

Linen apron: Like a peasant blouse, a linen apron is a great piece to get that helps change the vibe of the rest of your wardrobe. You can wear it over more classic dresses and suddenly you’re a Hobbit maiden strolling through the Shire. Aprons are also ridiculously practical. I don’t know why slips and aprons went out of style because they’re wonderfully functional pieces that protect the rest of your wardrobe. Worried about staining that nice dress when picking berries or snagging it on briars? Wear an apron. Want to do a closet cosplay of Belle or Alice? Wear an apron.
foxglove-10Cozy knits: Most of this list has focused on blouses and dresses or light summery pieces, but what do you do when you want to be cottagecore and cozy? Enter a classic fisherman or other vintage-inspired knit. I’m a big fan of Aran sweaters and have a knitted hat from the Aran Isles; did you know that traditionally different fisher families had different knit patterns? All those braids and bobbles were a way of differentiating between families, similar to clan tartans. But you don’t have to go full of fisherman, can cozy cardigan or chunky knit can give you a similar vibe. I also love Emmy Design Sweden’s classic skater cardigans inspired by vintage designs. They’re perfectly cottagecore and her spring collection is always filled with the prettiest pastel shades. 


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