All the Tough Girls Say "Grrr..."

So, I mentioned this briefly before but one of my resolutions for the New Year was to dress "edgier." I am far from being what I term a girly-girly (I can't bother with difficult hair, my make-up is the epitome of basic, I can't walk in heels, etc.), but still my outfits feel usually very soft and feminine. I don't want to be stuck in a fashion rut so I am intentionally looking to buy clothes outside of my usual patterns, namely: menswear inspired looks (vests, suspenders, trousers), darker and more stark colors (more black, grey, navy), heels (or other shoes with edge, no more ballet flats! or maybe just a few more...), stream-lined silhouette (pencil over a-line), etc. That is the basic concept. I can't abandon my style completely, I can't afford to throw out my closet for one, the idea is just to dress with more variation go from girly to tough in 48 hours.

Real way: some Facehunter ladies that are currently inspiring me:
Runway: the Givenchy Spring 2008 runway is a perfect inspiration to me of this idea. Maybe it's the giant grommets, maybe its the basic color palette, maybe its the "gladiator sandals on acid," either way I think the models look edgy and dangerous, despite often rocking skirts and dresses.


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