Czarina McQueen

Did anyone else find the Alexander McQueen collection so...unexpected? Truly it was a delight for the eyes and the imagination--the latter of which McQueen seemed to liberally dive into. How much joy there is to be derived in a delicately printed dress or deliciously coated feathered number and the headdresses! I would feel like an exotic Romany princess, or perhaps a Russian czar with personal Fabrege eggs...
I liked the contrast of the draping gowns and latex/leather leggings/pants, truly a brillant combination. The Napolean-inspired cropped jackets with sequined flats and fascinating topknots, are an inspired choice. I'm even beginning to like assymetrical hems and crow's nest hair styles.mcqueen, alexander, runway, russian, fashion, stylemcqueen, alexander, russian, runway, fashion, style


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