If I Could Only Coax You Overboard, To Leave These Lolling Shores

Tra-la-la, my tiara(s) arrived in the mail today from Chicallure and I am obsessed! I haven't worn either out just yet, since I was wearing the vintage fascinator from my earlier post (3 posts in one day, it must be spring break!). I did however run around in it for awhile and take numerous pictures of admiration and infatuation. I didn't show this one in my earlier post, it was my little secret... I feel ready for spring and summer now and especially for waterside adventures. Isn't this something a Nereid would wear?tiara, Chicallure, mermaid, nymph, personal, style, seashellssea, tiara, fashion, personal, style
seashell, tiara, personal, style, fashionshell, tiara, mermaid, nymph, neid, style, personal


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