Not Biting The Bullet

//EDIT:// Just an update, I wrote a little blurp on dressing for the busty-er woman and it's up on Everybody Is Ugly (which is a fabulous blog by the way). It is a bit outside of my usual formula to give advice, but I have some experience in being a well-endowed female. ^_-

It is inevitable that once one puts oneself on a ban, temptation will occur--after all, it is human nature. However, I didn't expect for such alluring prospects to emerge so quickly! To begin with Urban Outfitters is having an online 20% off all of their items already on sale, sale. Next, I discover that the delectable Effie is selling a dress that I have coveted since before she decided to part with it--I wanted to discover where she was living and steal it from her the first time I saw it months ago. The fact that it is too big is great motivation to resist. So, my willpower is stronger than my desires...for now.

Outfit details: shirt- Urban Outfitters, skirt- Gap, shoes- vintage, Lucite bow pin- vintage


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