Feeling The Fall

I was reading some site and the statement “Can Ashley bring the 90s back?” stopped me cold. Since when did wearing a style that is reminiscent of another era or liking an item that is no longer “in” become a campaign for its re-emergence? For example, I am fair skinned and I don’t tan, does that mean I’m trying to bring “pale” back into style? No, it just means I accept the skin tone I was born with.
So then, why are we so quick to look at celebrities as intentional trendsetters? Are they really conspiring/attempting to make something they like popular? To assume yes, really puts a lot of pressure on these people to constantly find the newest/latest/greatest. Of course, if they are styled by professionals then it is not so ridiculous to believe. The stylist gets them to wear something, endorses some store, starts a trend, makes money, etc.
However, isn’t it equally likely (especially off the red carpet) that they are merely sporting items they like and we start the trend because we like them? Some things will be worn and won’t “catch on”—but at the end of the day the idea isn’t to start a trend, it’s to wear pieces you like. I’m not certain what the truth is (and it probably depends on the person) but I would prefer to believe the latter...Ironically, I could blame the new preppy tone of my wardrobe to shows like Gossip Girl and Leighton Meester's character...
Outfit details: sweater- Forever 21, belt- secondhand, tights- Target, shoes- Nine West
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