Meteora and Me

These pictures were taken in Meteora at the stone formations and monasteries there. I can hardly do the area or it's history justice, so if you want to know more I suggest you just research it!
Instead, I would like to talk about the difference my "style" has made here. I'm in a large group of over 30 students and I came knowing no one. We are all American and only a few schools are represented and it is very easy to get lost in the crowd. With my devotion to skirts and ballet flats I stand out a bit amongst the sea of blue jeans and flip flops--and I am learning I stand out in a good way. Already, a number of times different students have come up to me and said they wanted to get to know me, because they could tell something of my personality from my clothes! It's so flattering and sweet to hear, but it really affirms what I believe about clothes being a form of self-expression and extension of yourself. When you dress in a conscious manner people will notice this and it gives them some insight into who you are before you even open your mouth.

I really never thought that my personal style would make me more approachable or help make new friends, but it is a nice realization.


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