Where to begin?

When I feel so full (as I do now) of stories and experiences, I don't know how to begin--to start a subject that if allowed free reign could go on for days. For there are days worth of experiences that have not been shared. I have been on a three day trip to be exact. I walked in Corinth, dove and swam at Monemvasia, climbed a mountain at Sparta, and even spent some time in Olympia.

Trying to express in some small way a piece of my experiences just reminds me of how little we will ever know about anyone. Each of us is so complex and so full of unique experiences that to fully grasp the other would take a lifetime. It's a rather frightening thought really and marvelous too in it's own way. Considering all of our differences and inability to properly communicate it is a wonder we can form friendships at all...
My pictures have no particular order and many of them are not my favorites of myself, but sometimes one must make do...
P.S. My camera has suffered a number of illtreatments lately and is on it's way out (no more shutter...), so if some of the images have strange effects this is probably why.


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