Do You Still Walk The Streets At Night?

I simply adore cities. Some people don’t understand how extreme introverts can find peace in a physically small, hugely populated region. It makes perfect sense to me, however. The crowds and noise provide an environment to allow perfect anonymity. There is constant stimulation for an active mind, movement for the curious eye, and paths for restless feet to travel, and if you so desire always remain a face in the crowd.
Outfit details: shirt- Vain and Vapid, skirt- Forever 21, shoes- Urban Outfitters, bag- Ruche, sunglasses- from a street vendor, headphones- some shop in Japan
To be a proverbial fly on a wall is such a limited view, when one can be an ant in a milling city. If the eye bores of streetart and architecture, attention can be shifted to the citizens parading down the streets like they were runways. I like to study the different way people move and search their expressions and tone for an indication of mood or temperament.
Problems only arise when I feel caught in the act—making accidental eye contact, only to blush and quickly look away. I am an eager observer, but I fear I will never make it as a spy…
Outfit 2 details: shirt- Wet Seal (customized by me), skirt- Forever 21, shoes- Urban Outfitters, bag- the Stadium Swapmeet in Hawaii, sunglasses- street vendor
P.S. I no longer have Internet access in my apartment, so posting and comments might be a bit scarce for awhile...


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