Weary Feet

My feet are crying out in pain while my heart sings with joy. I don't even notice the ache in my toes until the end of the day. Have I really spent all day on my feet? I wake up and wander to a nearby art gallery to immerse myself in another time. Afterward there is shopping that doesn't lead to spending in the companionship of a friend who you can spend all day with and your time together still seems fresh. Hours pass like minutes in her presence and the day turns to evening. On a whim, I meet up with another group and go out for a night of dancing. It's six am when I walk home alone on empty streets eager to collaspe in the comfort of my own bed...Yes, my feet are feeling quite used...
Some of the details in the classical paintings at the gallery really caught my eye.
Outfit details: dress- White House Black Market, tights- Target, belt- vintage, shoes- H&M, bag- secondhand, feathers- Etsy
This red cap may be the one item that keeps me alive this winter....
Outfit details: shirt- Vain and Vapid on Etsy, cardigan- H&M, hat- secondhand, skirt- Forever 21 tights- some shop in Athens, shoes- H&M, bag- Ruche


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