A Failed Runaway

I was thinking about running away last night. Not exactly planning my great escape, but just how wonderful it would be to shed all assumptions and start a new life. When I was six I actually did run away. The rebellion was instigated by my eldest sister, who felt obligated to bring me along for the ride. In junior high, I had an equally short-lived attempt, but I came to my senses before even the night was through. The truth is, I've never felt I had much to run away from, but in a moment of angst I just visualize how much there is to run too.
Do the desires for a new beginning with no strings attached ever leave you? In a runaway attempt we abandon earthly possessions, our identity and have a fresh start. We get to see the world on our own terms and can begin to choose how people see us. The annoying nickname from childhood is gone as though it never existed and you never have to see anyone who bullied you ever again. But while we leave the bad, we must also abandon the good...still my temptation has yet to die.
Outfit details: shirt- Ann Taylor Loft, skirt- Forever 21, tights- gift, shoes- Zara
Outfit details: dress- Forever 21, sweater- Banana Republic Outlet, tights- some shop in Japan, shoes- Urban Outfitters


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