A Wind In The Door

Biting wind drives even the fiercest nature lovers to seek shelter within. New pathways weaving through a maze of hallways and buildings are chosen in favor of straighter routes that might take one outside and expose them to the elements. Nature never seems more impervious to human suffering than when it strikes out viciously with cold wind that beats against the skin like the lash of a whip. Those unwise enough to challenge forces greater than themselves by donning skirts in favor of trousers will end up with a loss of dignity if not limbs...
Outfit details: cardigan- H&M, dress- ASOS, tights- gift, shoes- H&M, coat- H&M, ring- found, necklace- the Stadium Swapmeet in Hawaii
Outfit details: coat- Forever 21, dress- Ivy Blue, vest- gift, tights- Target, shoes- H&M
I picked up a Madeleine L'Engle novel from the library to give me comfort whilst I hide away indoors. Someone who read the book before me made little notations throughout: answers to questions, asterisks, and scribbled musings. I feel as if that reader was in dialog with the author and now I'm eavesdropping...library books can have so much character.


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